Oil Cleanse Update

I’ve been doing the Oil Cleanse (correctly this time) for a good, solid while now.
And I have to say that I love it. Why do I love it?
Because my skin feels natural.
Because my skin is no longer dependent on product… When I miss a cleanse, I’m fine to just rinse my face with water. I’ve always known that the pioneers and cave ladies got along without Noxema, Mary Kay, and Clinique, but I never quite knew how.

Using the oil cleanse has changed my way of thinking about a few things, and it’s saving me quite a hunk of money.
I know exactly what’s going on my face, and I feel good about it. I still get zits, I don’t suddenly have flawless skin, but I FEEL so good about what I’m doing. It’s got me rethinking the lotion I use, my shampoo and things like that. I haven’t made any changes in other departments yet, but I will.  Gradually, I will.

I’ve been using essential oils on a daily basis, and it’s improved my quality of living. It’s making me a better mother, and I appreciate them so much. I always have… and not in a trendy sort of “what’s cool now” kind of way, but in a simply, back-to-basics, self-reliance kind of way.

I use lavender in my oil cleanse.
I put drops in my tea.
I rub my baby’s feet with them.
I rub my older kids down as well.

I’m able to add them not only to my oil cleanse, but to my detox baths and my homemade laundry detergent as well. Next I plan on using them to try the no-poo method on my hair.

The thing is, I read the news and I hear the news and my husband talks about the news, and I’m not panicky about it. I’m not depressed or failing or upset… but I have a strong urge to buy a farm. I want to be able to go more natural: to eat better food, to not put so much crap in and on my body.
I mean, I can’t control the spit-up situation. I can only control what I CAN control, and that means I’m going to grow my own food! I’m also very interested in making my own soap. Finding a way to take care of my hair that doesn’t involve Tres emme! I’d love to make my own salves, balms and things like that. To sell? Hardly. To use on my friends and family? More likely.

In short? I’m not fanatical about the oil cleanse. I’m not going to insist on it, urge you to try it, or stand fist-in-air on a milk crate in the middle of downtown London in 1870.
I’m simply going to say: I feel good about what I’m doing.
And here’s my face -obviously not photoshopped. I haven’t showered yet today. So it’s 3:30 and I haven’t done a thing to my face today.
It doesn’t look amazing, but it obviously isn’t starved for face wash, astringent, moisturizer, a mask or any other bloody invention created to make women feel like they’re taking control of their own beauty.
You’re beautiful, okay? You don’t need all that shtuff.

The less dependent I am on the store, the better I feel about me.
And that’s all. That’s all I have to say about that.


  1. Love it. You are beautiful!! As is your amazing, healthy attitude about natural care for our bodies.

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