My sister is back.

She was so far away for such a long time. Sometimes I think it’s best just having one sister. It simplifies things. She’s my favorite -no contest.
There’s less of her now… I guess giving up a heavy beef/dairy diet can somehow trim inches. Someone should alert the experts.

She was on a plane for roughly 18 hours! She had a layover in Tokyo which somehow makes her my hero. Also, my children are my Tokyo.
You know what I mean… I mean, if you have a baby and no money, you know what I mean.
She ended up arriving a few minutes early, so I wasn’t able to get some really good pictures of the first moment her eyes met the gigantic group of loud country bumpkins in the lobby.

These are the times the Hansen Family will actually hug. And if you’ve got a quick trigger finger, you can capture it. Luckily, my Dad raised my right.
And this is me blowing my smoking gun.

Julianne’s English is slightly accented and returning very well! We ate at the Sizzler afterward, and she could not believe how much food there was.
The kids couldn’t get enough of her -I mean, she had celebrity status with them when she left. Now that’s she home from halfway across the world? Just you try to knock their JuJu… I DARE you.
My daughter asked me the night before we went to pick her up, “Mom, where did you serve your mission?”
“I didn’t serve a mission, honey.”
The scoff I got back was like a warm hug.
As IF Mom could not get ANY LESS COOL. Yuck.

Julianne spoke yesterday, and it was really great. At one point, the entire chapel was silent as she bore her testimony. The Spirit she carries with her is insanely strong and powerful. She’s soft-spoken, and it’s amazing to watch her work.
After Sacrament meeting, we met up at great-grandma’s for lunch. Tacos all around!

And people all around!

—-UPDATE: I started this post weeks ago, and gosh darn it all if I’m not bound and determined to FINISH it! So hold on to this minor bump in the flow of the post while I pick up and finish. —–

My brother came and took some pictures with his awesome camera. And again: allow me to put in a plug, though it is FAR from needed since their business has taken off like crazy (so proud of them!) for Brushfire Photography.
And I just have to say -I helped them title their company. I wouldn’t mention it except they’re doing so well, and I want to be a part of their coolness.
Here’s the picture he took of me and my sister.

And the picture he took of my daughter:


And last but not least -and forgive the abrupt ending to the post, it’s just that I’m not dressed or bathed and I just found the kids in the neighbor’s yard. a-freakin-gain… here’s a picture of ALL of us. It just warms my heart to see a complete picture!
I can only hope that it will soon be outdated -there’s nothing sweeter than adding new members to a family.
We love all of our inlaws and new babies!


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