Keep On the Sunny Side -or Keep the Sunny Side On, Whichever…

So I guess I quit blogging.

I didn’t mean to -honestly I didn’t. Blogging, to me, isn’t really blogging at all. I don’t think of it as Blogging. I think of it as “writing” and if a day goes by that I don’t WRITE, I don’t touch base with myself. I start to feel stressed and unbalanced.
Like the biblical Martha of Old, I start to feel careful and encumbered about with many things.
Basically, I hate life.

I have been writing other places which has been good. HOWEVER, the other places I have been writing have been heavy places, and I’ve written about heavy topics, and I’ve felt heavy about the whole thing.
And I know it didn’t help that I was medicating with dark chocolate covered blueberries.
The were packaged to look healthy, but I have a screaming baby that is sending another message… it sounds a lot like, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME MOTHER?!?!”
But anyway.

I’m still grappling with some heavy issues, but it’s time for me to look on my lighter side.
I mean, after all I am the proud mother of three daaaaaahling egg heads:

Who each have gone through a certain phase of constant SHOCK that lasted the entirety of their infant-hood (until their heads grew to match the size of their eyes):

There’s a big SUNNY side of life, and this blog is my Sunny Corner. I shouldn’t let it be for very long. I should always bask in my Sunny Corner.

My Sunny Corner is full of pictures that make you feel good inside:

And it’s the place where I record daily activities I believe will be indispensable to posterity.

Like how on Monday night we taught a Family Home Evening lesson on the meaning of Easter and then Trenton called his sister a sucker… only he changed up the word “sucker” a little bit. It’s a fun thing he likes to do -take root words and silly ’em up a little, Trentify them, if you will… and Monday night he thought it would be super silly to substitute the letter “s” in “sucker” with an “f.”
“Lace, you *$%#@*!”
And I said, “um, what?”
And Lacy said, “Oh, he’s making sucker sound silly…”
And I said, “um, what did you say to make it silly?”
“*$%#@*” he said.

“Okay, kids. Let’s talk about words we shouldn’t say before we say the closing prayer…”

We’re still working on his pronunciation of the suffix “est.”
He pronounces it “assed.”
As in, “That’s the green-assed egg I ever saw!”
Or, my husband’s favorite, “My Dad is the smart-assed!”


See? These things are important. I need to write them down.
And here’s the man of the day with this dye-assed hands.

Hope your Easter was as happy as ours!


  1. Kendra L. says:

    Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Love it. Swear words and all. And I’m glad you’re getting the opportunity to be sunny again. Heavy places aren’t fun to be in. I hope things get better.

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