A Few Fings

My current tune which I play on repeat and feel soulful. If you need a little validation that you’re cool cat, jam this:

Remember: you don’t have to be current to be cool. You just have to believe in yourself to be cool. Just ask anyone.
(PS: It’s purty near impossible for me to keep up on the current, so I have myself convinced that coolness isn’t about currentness… because a life without coolness just seems too gloomy to stand.)
Now here’s what I love this week:

It’s funnier when your Dad is mechanic and you’ve spent many hours of your childhood discussing life lessons with his legs and pointing a flashlight at his head. Incidentally, you can learn a lot from a hard workin’ man’s legs (not the least of which is never, EVER under any circumstances budge when you’re holding a flashlight for him).

My parents love The Andy Griffith Show (who doesn’t?) and for some reason this picture made me laugh out loud… belly laugh out loud.
blol, if you will. and yeah… I officially hate myself for creating a new slang term. but hey. yolo.

Forgive the near-porness of this image, but I LOVE F. Scott’s talent and wordy creations (he would never stoop to “blol”), and this quote reminds me of Danny Deets and I. I still remember meeting him and feeling like it was, if I can quote Nora Ephron (and I do as often as I can):
“It was like coming home, only to no home I’d ever been before.”
And I should mention that I feel the word “intimacy” means WAY more than sex… because we didn’t fall into that kind of intimacy briskly. Promise, Mom.

Speaking of “intimacy”…

Thanks, Steve for sharing that one.

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll. Come on over if you’d like to take a load off. Today’s laundry day, after all.



  1. I’d come over if a) we lived in the same state and b) you’d do my laundry too while you were at it.

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