Hard Truths.

Six days ago, I taught Sharing Time. The older group (Senior Primary, kids aged 7-11) were being rowdy and not listening.
I jokingly threw up my hands and said, “Do I not look good today? Am I not pretty enough to look at? No one is looking at me! I even tried half-hard to look nice today!”
A pretty eager-to-please 8 year old girl in the back shot her hand in the air. I called on her.
“I think you look just like a regular mom!” She said.
My life goal is officially complete. I mean, I always WANTED to be a mom.
I guess.

Yesterday, my daughter pinched my belly fat.
“Are you starting to make another baby?” She asked.

As it happens, I was stressed yesterday -not over the belly pinching, although that didn’t help much. I couldn’t really DO anything about the situation that was stressing me out and the stressed boiled over and I threw it all in my laundry room.
I threw everything OUT of that room, scrubbed, sorted, washed… folded, swept, threw things away.
My house is slowly starting to make a comeback from the Babymoon. Before my stress had it’s way with the laundry room, there were clothes over every inch of the floor.
And I MEAN literally. I’m not using “literally” the way it so often gets used now (which is to throw it in literally every sentence. Get it?)… I’m using literally the way it was meant to be used.
My floor was not visible.
It looks GREAT now, and I’m all the healthier for it seeing as how my stress level has been down-graded. This morning, I asked my daughter to please put her coat in the dirty clothes. She emerged from the laundry room and said, “HEY! No squishy!”
“Squishy?” I asked, “What are you talking about?”
“Usually the floor is all squishy with clothes, but NOT TODAY! I just WALKED on the regular FLOOR! Mom, you’re the best!”
I do what I can.
Lacy was also super-thrilled with her outfit today. She’s changed three times this morning. Why?
Because she has clothes to change into.

Between that and the Little Debbie Brownies I gave them last night, I’m sittin’ pretty… too bad they don’t know they’re just about to clean their room.

“Mom, I have the SAME HAIR as Thor. So I AM Thor!”


  1. I can completely relate to your laundry littered floor. I am only halfway done with mine…lol:)

    Sorry, but I laughed at your Primary experience. When I taught sharing time, I always felt like the kids were never listening. It was as if I was a grownup on Charlie Brown…wah..wah.wah.

    They really do listen.

  2. I like reading your blog. :D That’s all.

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