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A few years ago, a friend of mine made homemade sushi and posted pictures on her facebook wall. I wanted to try it, so I asked her for the recipe which she promptly gave me and which I promptly lost.
Typical of me. hmph.

But the idea was planted.
And it only took a few years to put it into action.
Typical of me. hmph.

As I was collaging pictures of Sushi Night this morning, I realized there is not even a shred of evidence that we had friends over that night. So let me preface the pictures with this: I PROMISE and I SWEAR there was another family over at our house.
Maybe I was trying to be polite by not taking pictures of them? I dunno.

Shopping for sushi ingredients in rural Northern Arizona is borderline hysterical. Apparently in the land of Cowboys and Indians there ain’t much market for nori and bamboo rolling mats. And because I didn’t plan weeks in advance and only went to shop for ingredients THE DAY OF (again, typical Alicia), our Sushi Night became a group effort.
Smack dab in the middle of Wal-Mart I phone my best guy friend from high school who served his mission in Japan.
“What kind of rice is the best to get?” I asked because I forgot to write it down (typical). He told me. He also gave me some fulling tips, some curry tips, and an invitation to join him and his wife and NEW BABY BOY in making a Japanese dinner the next time we were together.
I picked up the rice he said was best. And somewhere between that moment and the moment I went to make the rice, the rice went missing.
As if it wasn’t insulting enough that we had to come home without a bamboo rolling mat, now we had NO RICE! No sushi rice!

Earlier that morning, I posted a youtube video to my friend’s wall. Her and her husband were planning on coming over that night to make sushi with us, and I jokingly told her to memorize the video because there would be a test later that night:

The video is very informative. and entertaining. win!

A mutual friend commented that she had just made sushi at a church activity under the direction of Jeannie Downs.
So when I got home and had NO RICE in NO GROCERY MAN’S LAND, I phoned Jeannie’s husband Sandy and proceeded to ask him if he had any sushi rice. He did.
I sent my husband to fetch it, and he came home with rice AND a bamboo rolling mat!
Between my friend Rial and my friends the Downs and my friends (who I swear were present) the Burts… Sushi Night was a success!

We deep-fried some, and that was my favorite!

It was so much fun!

We bought two frozen pizzas, one for the kids to eat and one for us just in case we fudged up the sushi.
We only needed one (for the kids -just in case that wasn’t clear):

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