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It’s a hoppin’ place where I post updates about my life which, as you know, is suuuuper ordinary. Like it. I know you’ll love it.

I promised my liking facebookers that if Story Lady’s page ever reached 100 likes, I would post 100 things that make me laugh hard. Because 100 things is a lot to take in one post, I’m going to split this business up into 5 posts composed of 20 hilarious things. I am currently taking hilarious suggestions.
What makes YOU laugh? Let me know. You can use the comments section, my facebook page, my email or text… I’m available so many ways it almost makes me look cheap.
But anyway.

I’m going to categorize here.  I never categorize anything, so I’m not a little impressed with myself here.  The first group of 20 is going to come from Pinterest… things that I keep tucked on their own little pin board so I can reference them easily when a laugh is needed.  The next 20 will be videos.  The 20 after that will be blog posts from ’round the web.  After that I’ll post 20 pictures from my personal archives that make me laugh.  After that?  I’ll post 20 Reader-submitted laughables.  Send me pictures, videos, jokes, what-have-yous from around the web… if they make you laugh, I’d love to share them!


Please play a drumroll in your mind as I bring you the FIRST group of 20:






toast toast toast?



Probably not how she pictured this coming out...HAHAHA


ahhhh, sweet release


Be a Woman


Well NOW I do!




It's a shovel! I swear it's a shovel!


Makes cents...


Their couple name... why is this just now coming to my attention? lol


I dare you not to laugh!! You can't


Just ask any new parent.


Dear God...



Someone out there with my same sense of humor. ;-)


It had to be you


how times have changed


Stranger Danger?  Not always.


Oh so funny.  Of course, I only correct grammar in my head...





  1. i love Swan Ronson! PERIOD!
    there are many things that make me laugh. like my 2 year old who yells at me every time i kiss his head “kiss my mouth!” and i oblige him…how could i not?
    one of our favorite things to do right now is watch music videos from a new production from disney. there are a couple dozen put together right now, and when the CD comes out i’ll be one of the first to buy it. it’s perfect for kids and parents. this link is my personal fave. http://video.disney.com/watch/hair-4d37205966ec3102b53c5f9a
    enjoy! you’re welcome.

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