Little Brother

Trenton is just as big as his “big” sister, and I know in a few years he’ll come across this picture and say, “What gives? What’s with my little baby bike?”
We’re planning on an upgrade just as soon as we can manage it.
Sorry kid.

It’s so awful it’s cute.

I snagged a picture of us after we went out biking:

In other news, our Alice is becoming master of her own neck… a HUGE step in Babydom:

My husband shaved and was consequently covered in facial kisses.
“I can SEE your FACE!”

My husband loves pink. Secretly. He can’t get enough pinkness when we’re all together. In fact, he takes ALL my pink away from me. See?


I do have one super power that ensures my pink will never be 100% taken from me: milk-making!

My milk puts my baby to sleep. I’m currently in the process of designing a pink onesie with the words “Milk Maid” on the front. She’s my lazy little Milk Maid. She’s also sort of like an Invalid Milk Maid (never fear, I won’t put that on a onesie. It’s cruel).

Those bags under my eyes are no joke.


  1. Recently you mentioned not feeling pretty one day since having this sweet, beautiful baby. Yet I got to that picture of you and your 2 bigger kiddos and thought, “HOW is this POSSIBLE?? She’s gorgeous. I’m in trouble if SHE feels that way!” … Love that your husband embraces the pink. It’s a blessing for sure.

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