Bowling, Sayings, and Baby Mine

My son’s talent for making up words is still in full bloom, and I couldn’t be happier. I thought by now he would have outgrown it, but he still dazzles us with gems like:

“Lace! I told you the car would shank off the track!”


“There was a hair on my puzzle, but I just tee-tee’ed it.”

To shank means to fall off of.

To tee-tee means to rub between your thumb and forefinger tips.


My Lacy recently asked me about some of our loved ones who are going through a tough time.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because Heavenly Father sometimes lets uncomfortable things happen to us. It’s a test for us -we have to do the best we can.”

“Or maybe it’s Satan,” she reasoned. And let’s be honest: doesn’t it sometimes feel like our problems come from Satan himself?

“No,” I said, “Heavenly Father can give us problems. He wants to see how we handle them. How do you handle your problems?”

“Play Pollies,” she said.

Ah, if only the world could solve their problems with Polly Pockets!

For birthdays, we have a tradition where we go on an outing as a family to do something fun -the birthday kid gets to pick. Last year, Lacy choose ice skating. This year, she chose bowling. We haven’t been bowling as a family in YEARS -since Trenton was too little to play.

The kids were a crack up. They’d get their ball, hold it on their shoulder:

RUN toward the lane and HEAVE that heavy ball toward the pins.

And then we’d watch the balls roll so slowly down the lane that we could’ve ran to the snack booth and back before they reached the pins.

We played two games and had a great time (thanks to the gutter bumpers).

For the first time since April (or May?) I went to Zumba! You know the saying, “Do one thing everyday that scares you”?

Zumba is that one thing.

I have no rhythm, no cute work out clothes, and no booty to shake. But I go and laugh at myself. I think it’s healthy.


This is pretty much a second Christmas for me.

When Alice was two weeks old, my awesome brother and his awesome wife took some newborn pictures of her!!! I’ve never had newborn pictures done before, and I didn’t have hardly any props or ideas. Thanks goodness Mike and Brittany know their way around the picture business! They did an amazing job -Alice was awake through the first half, and awake babies are harder to photograph than asleep babies. They were so patient with us! I am ecstatic with the results.

Every time I look at them, my heart just swells with love and pride and love and love and LOVE! Alice is so precious.

She has been the newborn I’ve enjoyed the most. It isn’t that she’s always happy or sleeps well because honestly: she’s a bit cranky and she sleeps about three or four hours at a time at night. I get up twice at night every night.

Maybe it’s because I’ve had two babies before, so I’m not as nervous. Or maybe I realize now how fast they grow up. Or maybe I realize how EASY a newborn is compared to little kids who can REASON with you.

Newborns just lie there and coo and poop and make you feel like a million bucks just being near them.

And I will say that Miss Alice is much bigger than her body. I can FEEL her -she has a sort of grown-up presence. I find myself not wanting to share her because I’m selfish. I’ve even been known to protest when my husband wants a turn.

He argues that I get to hang out with her all day.



Here’s a small sample of my beautiful babies! My blog is too weak to handle the file size of my pictures, and I’m too short on time to resize all of my favorites. (I just let my facebook followers know about my morning… while kicking this post out, I was also making breakfast and bathing my daughter. My baby was fussing… and my son? was cutting his own hair. I’ve somehow how to get us all dressed and ready for the day so we can head out and get a birth certificate and then my boy and I are scheduled for cavity fillings. And then I’m teaching piano lessons this afternoon. I’m scared of today).

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