Thoughtless Thoughts

#1) Jillian Michaels workout DVDs ought to strapped to a five pound bag of epsom salts… like a combo pack. You can not buy one without the other. You will NEED both.

#2) I’m not trying to lose weight because I know from past babies that trying to lose weight while nursing is impossible. For me.

#3) When I work out, I eat much better. I have to work out or I’ll raise a sugar-addicted baby.

#4) My kids named BOTH of the kittens “Fluffy” which just doesn’t sit well with me.

#5) I have a tendency to take matters into my own hands when things don’t sit well with me.

#6) I named our grey kitten with white paws Spats.

#7) I realize that spats are what gansters wear over black shoes. See?

#8) I like to call the kitten over in my best 1920’s Mafia Boss voice, “Eh, SPATS!”

#9) When I was in high school, I wanted to live in 1920… and marry a mafia boss.

#10) When I was in high school, I once dated a guy and found out through chance that he secretly wanted to BE a mafia boss. I knew then that we were made for each other. What other evidence did I NEED other than the fact that we both wanted to live imaginary lives?!?!

#11) Sometimes I look up my old boyfriends on facebook and rejoice in my marriage. Not just for my sake. I’m 100% sure I would have made any one of my old boyfriends miserable.

#12) Of all the simplest pleasures in life, cooking is one of my favorites. I always forget how much I love it until I don’t do it for a month or two. Right now, I’m squeezing in every bit of cooking that I possibly can. Each finished recipe does my soul good.

#13) Last night while I was busy not cooking but making dinner (from a box that came out of the freezer section), I pulled out some old school cookbooks I keep around and browsed through them. As soon as I can, I’ll be spitting out some awesome old-timey goodies and posting them on my dusty cooking site.

#14) For Christmas, my Aunt Julie C. gave me a reprinted version of a 1904 cookbook (my joy is complete). It includes recipes for every variety of cooked game (squirrel, anyone?) and also has a very to-the-point recipe for calf’s head. You leave the skin on. Who’dda thought? Incidentally, it is the second cookbook I own that includes a recipe for squirrel. You MIGHT be interested to know that cooked squirrel was one of Patsy Cline’s favorite dishes, and she often ate it with Loretta Lynne. I don’t know why I keep tidbits like that locked up in my brain but can’t seem to remember where I put my phone. One of life’s little mysteries…

#15) I’m saving up money to get my blog redesigned. I’d like it to look like a feminine version of THIS site. It’s going to cost a lot.

#16) I wish I made money blogging.

#17) I wish I made money writing.

#18) It isn’t good enough to WISH things -one must DO!

#19) I don’t know how to go about using blogging and/or writing to make money.

#20) Sometimes when I have a low motivation level, I made bread. Making bread is fun for me to do, but it also gives me a gigantic sense of accomplishment, and if my husband calls or asks what I’ve done that day, I can say with a tired sigh, “I made bread.” It sounds fantastic, and he thinks I’m amazing.

#21) I’m baking bread today.

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