Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Mornings are my favorite -they’re the one time of day that my little littlest is interested in interacting with her weirdy Mama.

She lets out a coo.
I make a crazy face.
She smiles.
I talk.
She poops.
I laugh.
She smiles.
I make a crazy face.

It’s really the best way to start the day -poo included.

I also started my day with Jillian Michaels -first time since April.  Lacy worked out by my side.  I have SERIOUSLY weakened.  My daughter was my go-getter.  Half way through the work out when I was lagging, my daughter jumped up and down with Jillian.

“Mom,” she huffed, “This HURTS.”

Yes, Darling.  That’s because Jillian is mean.

Last night over a bowl of granola (I convinced my kids that eating cold cereal for dinner is something we only do on very SPECIAL and FUN days -like when Mom is too tired to actually cook something) my daughter confessed to me that she stared at her boyfriend yesterday.

“He went to get his clock, and I just stared and stared at him!”
“Why?” I asked.
“Mom… because I’m going to marry him,” she said. The “duh” was implied.
Then she struck up a conversation about bras and how she was just SURE she was, you know, growing.
“They have bras for kids at the store. I see’d them. And if I get one, I can be like my Mom!”

Oh, man.
I’m not ready for any of this. Can’t we just go watch “My Little Pony” and paint our nails like there’s no such thing as Real Life?

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