The Fastest Six Years

Six years ago today -right NOW in fact, I was in hard labor. I was drugged up and pushing, pushing, pushing.
There’s nothing more discouraging ON EARTH than the sound of a team of nurses saying, “There’s her hair! We can see her head! Oh. No… she went back in.”
Three times they said that.

I wanted to die on the bed in front of them.
But I lived on to go through it two more times. The things we do for our sweet babies…
And then they go and grow up on us.
Watch. And see. And feel your OWN heart be ripped, just a little:

Birth, One year old, Two years old.
And then -the change between three and four just really burns my hide:

Three, Four and Five. My toddler went from being a tiny toddler to a full-blown KID.
And today. SIX:

She was a hilarious toddler, this is true. BUT I’ve enjoyed her kid years so very much. I love kids. I love kid years with kids.
But I can see the pictures above as well as you can and I know. I KNOW the Kid Years won’t last long.
Because my kid.
Will be.
A Teen.

She’s already half-way there!

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