Date Night

My daughter is turning SIX tomorrow.
I’m not used to the idea yet. I still remember her fourth birthday like it was last week, and I want that four year old to stay four forever. She was the sweetest little Sunbeam. I could live with Sunbeams eternally.
I couldn’t teach Kindergarten, but golly do I EVER love the age when they’re honest and potty-trained and intent on believing everything you say.
Lacy is starting to realize -slowly -that her Mom lies to her about things.

She once came out of her room and proclaimed, “I CLEANED IT ALL!”
“Okay,” I said and without looking up added, “Just clean out everything from behind the door and under the bed.”
“Ugh!” She threw up her hands, “How did you KNOW?!”
“I have eyes that can see through walls,” I shrugged.

She believed me. I had no idea until a few months later when she started asking me more about my magic eyes.
Oh, ooops. Sorry, kid. I lied to you.
Since then, she’s been my little skeptic.

Anyway, my husband and I needed to sneak away to get her Birthday gifts so I asked my Mom if she wouldn’t mind keeping my older two kids one evening.
As I dropped them off at Grandma’s, Lacy asked, “Mom, where are you guys going?”
“On a date,” I said.
“Oh…,” her tone became matter-of-fact, “So you’re going to Wal-Mart?”
Oh, sigh.
“Yeah,” I said.
Are we THAT predictable?!
We actually were going to Wal-Mart. But to make it an actual official date, we did have dinner at Sonic.

We took a fussy baby with us, and it still felt like a nice get-away.

Lacy is the best older sister.

Trenton is the best clown. Who wouldn’t be able to stay warm with a scarf, a hood on, and a Santa hat on over the hood?

Alice is the best at freaking me out because she fits into 3 month clothing. Stop! Cease! Desist! Growing is AGAINST HOUSE RULES!


  1. You guys made some adorable little people … you should have lots! ;) Lacy is going to be a knock-out in high school — watch out! And … I wish I could come visit you and hold your fussy baby. That’s all.

    • Thanks, woman!!! I miss you too, but I am loving looking at your over-seas pictures! I can’t believe our little ones aren’t so little anymore.

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