Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving this year was laid back and wonderful. I was in charge of providing a veggie tray and making a butternut squash bake. Last year I made a veggie tray that looked like a turkey, and no one touched it.
It was too fancy to eat. This year, I had the kids wash their hands and then I gave them 2 bags of baby carrots, one jar of midget sweet pickles, and one can of olives and let them go to it while I chopped up celery, broccoli, and bell peppers. This year, the veggie tray looked much more approachable -most of the veggies were gobbled up.
Get it?

The past few years, my parents have hosted a Thanksgiving feast at their house, and oh what fun it is.
Because we get to ride on a one-horse open carriage.

My husband and I were able to take her on her last ride of the day. At that point, Jet (Ye Ol’ Carriage Maiden) was really sweaty and tired… and thank goodness! It bode well for my belly that we took our ride at a snail’s pace.
I drove most of the way.
Because I’m a pilgrim, that’s why.

My Dad had taken everyone else on rides, but he trusted Danny and I to take the reigns. He gave us a few instructions…

…and my husband proceeded to steer us right into the trees.
I didn’t mean to take the reigns out of my husband’s hands… right in front of his father-in-law… and get the horse going down the way without the dominant male help…
But I did.
What? I hate being stuck in the trees!
I wasn’t the best driver, but I did fairly well. When we were almost home, I handed the reigns back over to my city boy.

Mister, I’ll make a cowboy out of you.

The kids were all nestled, all snug in grandpa’s recliner:

And everyone else sat around picking scraps. A piece of pie here, a slab of cheesecake there… a stick of celery for good measure.
Once home, I put a movie in, turned the fire on, got everyone in their PJs and snapped a picture:

The rest of the weekend has been much of the same. A few baby preparations here and there, a gigantic batch of Mom’s granola that’s been eaten for most every meal (and in between times too), some laundry, some crocheting, a lot of laughs.
We only left home once -and it wasn’t to shop.

This morning, Grandpa came to get the kids. OF course they were still in their PJs (I’m 37 weeks pregnant, in case you forgot). When he knocked on the door asking if he could take the kids for a while, they frantically rushed around to get dressed. A few hours later, my front door flew open.
“We’reHOMEsorrywe’resodirty,” my daughter said all in one little breath.
“WE ARE FIWTHY!” Her brother said, trotting in behind her.
A little shop grease and hay never hurt anyone, and it’s all in my plan… my plan to westernize my family.
Thanks to Dad, I think I’ve made some great strides this weekend (mmmwwwhahahaha). Pretty great considering I’m not up to doing much of anything at all.
What do they call that? Retired on duty?

After Thanksgiving feasting, my sister in law did point out that if I actually HAD my baby on my due date, I’d give birth on 12/12/12.
I wouldn’t be surprised if this baby stuck it out the full 40. She’s really comfy inside my stomach.
Maybe she hears all the commotion on the outside and would rather not deal with it all.
Too bad. She’s missing out on some sweet family game nights.

And some sweet FREE piano lessons, compliments of The Girl:

Even Blu gets free lessons:

And then there’s the sleigh rides. Santa at the helm (driving Pluto -the forgotten Reindeer), Rudolph sitting in the boy’s lap, and yes… if you look closely… Blu on the couch.

On Pluto!

Retirement has given me more crochet time, for which I’m grateful for. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to finish her blanket in time for her arrival. I wanted to take it to the hospital with me, and now I can!!! It’s folded up neatly and in the back of my car, every at the ready:

I hope your Thanksgiving has been just as merry and bright.

While I have been able to place a few online orders, I’m disappointed over the way Black Friday seems to have trumped Thanksgiving.
I didn’t sacrifice any time away from family to place a few orders from my computer (and while in bed, wearing PJs), but what bothers me about it all is the way gratitude seems to be slipping away from our society.
This year it feels like it was skipped over and replaced with greed.
It is disappointing to me, but it does make me just THAT much more grateful for the time I’ve had to spend with my family this weekend. No bargain shopping, no football, nothing but us.
And our PS3.
And our leftovers.
And our baby-to-be.

Life is really good.

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