Check and Check

Two things I absolutely wanted done before the baby makes her grand entrance were Gingerbread House Making and Family Pictures.
My two oldest each had their own special gingerbread house for their first Christmas. It wouldn’t sit right to have this one go without.
I would hate explaining my way out of that one.
“Well, you ARE the third child… what did you expect? Equal treatment? Ahhh hahahaha.”
Last year, we invited some friends over to make houses with us. I messed up on the dough making and our house crumbled to bits, but their house worked out okay. This year, we invited the same friends over and I was more careful about my dough. It turned out great, and the houses came together with only a few minor mishaps (and blistered burns).

The girl’s first gingerbread house was adorable. It was pink-themed, and I loved it. The boy’s was blue and green themed.
This baby? Well, I didn’t have as much say in the decorating of the house as I have had in previous years…
It’s supposed to be rainbow-themed. I think?

For the first time ever, I succeeded in using my Mom’s gingerbread house pattern! I tried it last year and ended up throwing the entire broken thing out. I’m so happy it worked out this year!

There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing kids with their little noses and eyes just as CLOSE as they can get them to the gingerbread house… it’s the way Christmas should be:

My house isn’t nearly as pretty as my mother’s are, but I still love it. I loved baking the gingerbread and melting crushed up Jolly Ranchers in the windows… it smelled just like home.
Don’t you love traditions?
I love them so much I’ve made a point of forcing them on not just my kids but my friends as well:

You guys are so awesome and patient! It takes real friends to be patient with a fat, pregnant lady who is covered in flour.
No picture proof of THAT -sorry.
BUT my Aunt Cat took some pictures of us this weekend -I wanted to get a few of my pregnant belly. I’m not looking my best, but I know in the years to come that I’ll be glad I took pictures anyway. And I know my kids -especially the one on the inside -will be glad I did it too.
Even with my extra poundage and puffy face, Aunt Cat did an amazing job! She sent me a preview of the shoot last night, and I gotta say:
I love my family so much!!!!!

I can’t wait to see what this new little one will look like. And I definitely won’t complain if she comes out with eyes like her brother’s.
So big and sweet!
What should I cross off the list next? Mashing and freezing pumpkins? Cleaning the hall closet?
I can’t wait (*sarcasm sign*).

I’ve got out your car seat, your swing, your bouncer, your bed and ALL of your blankets and clothes. Everything is organized and ready to go. Please don’t think that it would be a good joke on Mom to come late. Please?


  1. I think my almost-5-year-old wishes she belonged to your family right now. The other morning she spent 30 minutes on Youtube watching gingerbread house tutorials. She’ll be lucky if we make graham-cracker ones. Not really my thing… (all the preparation and baking)
    Your family picture is super, super cute!

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