Grammy’s Harvest Party

While we were away visiting family, we were able to attend Grammy’s Harvest Party. For a few months, my mother in law has been planning a Harvest Party for her grandchildren.
Everything about it was adorable -from the candy bars wrapped up to look like mummies to the soda labeled with “poison” labels to the hay to the lights to the… everything! She even sent out invites in the mail, and my kids were beside themselves.

My sister-in-law made the most amazing witch finger cookies -everyone LOVED these babies:

While she made those cookies, she was sweet enough to share her kitchen with me while I made “Carnival Apples.” We make carnival apples every year just for our little family, but this year we wanted to share our tradition with everyone. I ended up not being able to find the kind of caramel I usually use (in the city! say wha?) and in the end I settled for something else. I had to make the apples in a hurry. They looked sloppy, but they tasted okay. That’s what REALLY counts when it comes to carnival apples.
PS: I have no idea why my kids decided to call THESE apples carnival apples instead of caramel apples. Maybe it’s the white chocolate covering? They’re definitely carnival worthy, though. Definitely. My kids can’t get enough of them. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough for everyone at the party, so I wouldn’t let the kids have one until the very end of the party.
But my son…
I found him sneaking into the kitchen, snagging an apple, and BOY HOWDY. There was no prying that thing from that boy’s grasp. He’s no dummy.
Aside from all of the delicious snacks and pizza and candy, Grammy had tons of games set up:

Apple bobbing -a harvest classic!

The kids all went bonkers for the games, and they all showed up in COSTUME!

I just love this:

And what kind of harvest party would it be without Charlie Brown?

Grammy even had a CAKE WALK put together, and it was so sweet watching the kids devour their little cupcakes:

The entire party was so well put together and so enjoyable! The kids AND the parents loved every minute of it.

Thank you so much, Grammy!!!
You are definitely well loved by all of your kiddos.
Even the vampire ones:

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