I have my daughter home all day today. It’s just like old times -I have great plans for us. We’re going to pick apples and can ketchup. Weirdly enough, the kids are just as excited as I am.
So excited, in fact, that I pushing cleaning day to tomorrow. Look out!
I do have to admit that while having her home will be fun, I have really enjoyed having time with just the boy. For only a few more weeks, I get a few precious hours with just the two of us. After that, it will be the boy and the baby -and I really don’t want my son feeling forgotten about.
Pulling him away from his Super Hero shows isn’t always easy.

But I make him do it anyway -even if he hates me for it. I plopped him on the counter last week, and we made bread.

We had a friend over and I made finger paints. They weren’t nearly as good as the store bought stuff, but the kids didn’t care. They had a blast. As I mixed food coloring in, the boys were hopping with excitement.
“See this red?” I asked, mixing the food coloring in, “It’s SPIDERMAN!”
Their jumps got higher and they started laughing like crazy.
“See this green?” I asked, mixing the food coloring in, “It’s HULK!”
“See this blue? IT’s CAPTAIN AMERICA!”

Oh the things they believe…

During Conference (which was just AMAZING), the kids build forts. Isn’t it written in the church handbook somewhere that while conference in on, kids SHALL make forts?

…and wear costumes, apparently.

During the Priesthood session, my son fell asleep (fort building is hard work). Per her request, my daughter and I sat together with two toddler-size red heel socks and made a sock kitty.

I taught her how to thread a needle and poke it through two layers of sock. She stuffed the whole kitty herself, and she’s sporting it all over this morning. She’s one proud mother.

The kids took it to my hair during the Sunday morning session:

I used to do the same thing with my Dad’s hair. I was one of the lucky kids who had a Dad with tons of hair. He kept it pretty short, but I always found enough to make a few pony tails. Girls ALWAYS find a way.

Speaking of girls, I’m getting my new one in about 2 months (AH!)

I have got to get ON my Christmas shopping!
I still don’t know where this baby is going to go. I’m eerily calm about the whole thing. I just know things will work out.
And I think the only possible way this picture could be any cuter is if there was a baby wedged in there somewhere:

All in “due” time.


  1. This must be said: Your hair is looking SUPA FINE in that 29 week picture.

    As always, love the glimpse into your life. I’m so glad you’re a writer.

  2. You’re not just a regular Mom, you’re a COOL mom! And I mean that with all the sincerity I posses. Your kiddos are so lucky to have a Mom that will do fun things with them! Loved the 29 picture by the way! You look great!

    • storylady says:

      Um. After we finished making the kitty, she threw the biggest, teariest fit because she wants to help make EVERY sock monkey I make and she’s mad that I don’t LET her. I explained to her that she was being a very ungrateful girl and then I sent her to bed. And then I pulled on my hair and said, “AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRHHHGGGGGGGGGGG!” And Danny said, “She’s 5…”
      I thought I was being cool too!!!!! Luckily this morning, she woke up much happier :) Girls…

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