What is it about seeing Generations that makes us all happy?Photobucket
I get happy over “Generation” pictures even when they aren’t mine. There’s something golden about them, and I’m not talking about the grandparents in them.
Sometimes, the grandparents don’t have to physically BE in the them to be in them. Take this, for instance:Photobucket
My son has his pants tucked in his boot -his great-grandpa’s trademark. Whenever I see my son walking around with his pants in his boot, I automatically think of my grandpa and it makes me smile.
Of course, I’m not trying to say that I PREFER grandpa NOT to be in the picture. Heavens, no!
No, no!
Generation pictures are ALWAYS better with them. Always, always, and without fail. And constantly. Photobucket
There’s Granny. And Mommy. And Lacy. And Me.
Here we are together in our family.

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