Yesterday I spent a few hours refreshing.
Not shaving. Not facial masking. Not juice cleansing.
SOUL refreshing, people. SOUL refreshing.

And yes you DO have time to watch that. Put it on while you do your make-up, or get dressed or while you juice.
Also, if you haven’t taken the time to watch (or listen to) Elder Jeffery R. Holland’s CES broadcast, you have GOT TO.
This video is of the entire devotional. I put it on and listened to it while I did other things, and I will never regret it -no, not ever.
Elder Holland has a way of moving my soul. When I hear his voice, I can FEEL something working inside of me. I’ve gone back to the words in this devotional so many times that I can’t imagine living the rest of my life without hearing them.
And lastly. If you’re still reading.
HERE is a talk mentioned in the first clip. It’s titled, “Grounded, Rooted, Established, and Settled.”
Lately, I’ve been experiencing so many emotions -thank you, pregnancy. Thank you -and it’s been so much harder for me to
“Look to the light!”
“See the good!”
“Dance in the rain!”
And when my husband said to me a few days ago, “Just look for the good in the pregnancy,” I nearly nailed him in the crotch… you know, just so he could get a true FEEL for what it’s like to be kicked around all the time.

And that last sentence alone should be enough to prove how much I need a soul refresher (and probably a juice cleanse, but anyway).
Elder Maxwell also has a way of speaking that moves me -it hits me and it really changes my perspective.

In other pinteresting news, here’s what I love today:

The kind of newborn pictures I want -I absolutely agree with her point of view.  Great read if you're expecting and wanting newborn pictures taken!
Please check out
Her talent for taking pictures when the subjects are at their selves is just… gosh, I love it so much.

Cowboy Hat Crochet Pattern Baby for BOOT SCOOT'N Cowboy Hat.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Found at THIS store.


Mug shot.  I can't decide if it's creepy or cute...
I’m trying to decide if it’s cute or creepy. Thoughts?

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