So, I miss bacon.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to cut back on fats or be more healthy or whatever. I mean, I should be. But I’m not. Because it’s BACON for crying out loud. I was raised in a farming way and bacon was a staple in our house. It was never a question of IF we should have bacon but WHEN and HOW MUCH.
When mom was gone and dad was in charge of cooking, we always had bacon, eggs, and grits.
We never had grits, eggs, and bacon.
BACON came first. It deserves the honor. Because it is worthy of it.

That said, I’m not a true fan of the bacon revolution going on. I’m a bacon purist. I do not put bacon in my chocolate. I do not put it in my ice cream.
Truth: I put it in my mouth.
My older brother (bless your heart, Steve) once told me that when you eat bacon it has the potential to turn your blood the consistency of motor oil. It should have stopped me in my tracks, but mostly all it did was bring fond memories of the time I spent trailing my mechanic Dad along on parts runs into town… I would sit on the greasy stools at the parts stores and crank the little motor oil toys they had sitting on the counter. I was mesmerized by the oil glistening through the gears.
Wow… pretty…

I went without bacon in college. I went without pretty much everything in college except canned spinach and frozen tater tots. I also lost five pounds.
But anyway.
Once I was married, bacon was BACK on the menu.
Those were such happy years: The BACON years.
And then my husband met (figuratively speaking) Dave Ramsey.

The Bacon Years are now only a cherished memory. We don’t buy bacon anymore… something about how we don’t need it for survival or whatever.
Bloody bull if you ask me.

Also missing from our cupboards? Cold Cereal. Fruit Juice. Chocolate Chips (don’t even get me started on that one).
I’ve also learned to go without certain cleaning supplies and other household products that were standard in our home. It’s no big deal, really. Besides, concocting my own cleaning products from what I have on hand makes me feel like a master chemist.
“Warm water… a cup of baking soda… a splash of ammonia…”

But the bacon thing.
It bothers me.

Because of Dave Ramsey, I also never replenished my molasses supply when it ran out.

HOWEVER, since we’ve been following ol’ Dave’s plan, we’ve witnessed many small miracles. They’ve always come after we’ve showed a little bit of faith. Although it’s been hard to make small sacrifices, it’s humbling to see that the Lord sees them. They’re so small that I hardly notice them, but HE does.
So many times my husband and I look at each other and say, “I have no idea how such-and-such is going to work out. We just can’t afford it.”
And then we find money in a pocket. Or someone calls and says something that fixes everything. Or I get a new piano student.
After which, we look at each other and say, “Oh, wow… I wonder what kind of little miracles we’ve been missing out on all of these years.”

One of the little miracles that came to pass last shopping trip was that I had JUST enough to buy molasses.
Yesterday I juiced some freshly-picked apples and made hot cider and warm, gooey chewy gingersnaps. The kitchen could have been it’s own Scentsy Scent and no foolin’.
“Come home soon,” I texted my husband, “There’s hot apple cider and fresh, warm gingersnap cookies.”
“Ooooooo weeeeee!” he said, texting back his signature reaction to Crap He Loves, “What’s the occasion?”
“WE HAVE MOLASSES,” I texted back, fairly dancing in my highly unbalanced body.
And he text-laughed at me.

And so I dream of a day when we’ll have JUST enough money left in the food budget to buy bacon.
“Come home soon,” I’ll text my husband, “There’s BLTs all over the place.”
“Oooooo weeeee!”
“We have BACON!”


In the meantime, I haven’t lost five pounds like the last time I cut bacon from the menu. Probably because I’ve been baking gingersnaps.
Or a baby.


  1. This makes me feel really bad about the pound of frozen bacon in my freezer that will go unbeaten by us recent vegetarians. Just served its brother to some friends , a whole pound, just to get rid of it. CoIncidentally, they were your friends as well. Also, I love (!) bacon and miss it dearly as I sit here and wonder what on earth I could have done to warrant bacon blessings in my life. Guess I steer clear of Mr. Ramsey and opt for Kelly Crazy Plan to Save Money. Your way is likely better.

    • “A life without bacon is no life at all.” ~Story Lady. Okay, I’m being a LITTLE dramatic… but did I read your comment right? You’re going vegetarian? That’s awesome!

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