I did it!

A triumph, Ms. Pierce. I total triumph!

Wednesday night, I made an audible list of things that needed doing on Thursday. Halfway through the list, I sighed.
“I physically can not DO it all,” I said to my husband, “But it needs done. I just need one extra set of hands -another me -just for a couple of hours.”
“So get one,” my husband shrugged, his eyes intently focused on his video game.
“I can’t do that. I would cost $20.”
“We have $20,” he said.
“No, the two of us can just work a little harder…”
“Just take one thing at a time,” my husband said, giving kindly-meant advice. He doesn’t understand that women aren’t blessed with the gift to take one thing at a time. At least, not when they’re mothering two and a half children.

Then I slept on it. I woke up and texted my cousin, and between the hours of eleven and one I DID IT. I finally hired housekeeping help!
It was liberating, to say the least. While I braided hair, made lunches, marked homework, folded laundry, did dishes and bleached counter tops… my living room floor got vacuumed -and not just vacuumed… it was VACUUMED. Trinkets were unearthed. Nails uncovered. Polly Pockets sucked into the machine!
It was glorious.
Just shy of two hours and my bathrooms were sparkling and my floors were all cleaned.

I never thought I’d actually DO it, but indeed I did.

I had four piano lessons yesterday afternoon… they would take two hours of my time.
Not-a-one student showed, so I felt really silly about hiring help to clean (sorry, cinderDolly!) when apparently I would have had the time to do it myself. But I couldn’t have known that. And I ended up using those two hours cooking.
I would have been too worn out to clean toilets by late afternoon.

Is my house magically transformed into a modern palace? Nope, but at least it’s in order (ish).
And I’m proud of myself for actually doing it.
And I’m thankful for Dolly for being so willing and not minding my hot house (we were both covered in sweat) and the fact that I use mostly homemade cleaning products (vinegar isn’t a cleaner you take to on first use).

I can almost hear the servants singing to me, “Congratulations, Professor Higgins! On your marvelous victory!”
And now I need to go clean my house.

What? Like it really STAYED clean… Anyway, it’s only surface clutter.

“[The house]┬áis really lovely, underneath it all.” ~Gwen Stephani


  1. No matter how it happened, your house looks lovely and so uncluttered it makes me want to hire my own help! My house is in dire straights right now. It is almost crying. If $20 is all it takes, send cinderDolly my way ;)

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