Conversations: Part II

I have to add one more conversation to the list before I forget.  My brother, Steve, left a comment on the “Conversations” post about how Lacy asked him draw a giraffe, telling him that her Daddy didn’t know how to.  It reminded me…

Well, the kids just got new curtains.  About time, too.  The ones they had were thin and constantly fluttered from the draft that came through the winder.  My husband bought some of those energy efficient curtains.  He’s 100% sold on them, by the way.  Good bye fashion.

I will admit, though, that there is a noticeable difference in the way our house holds heat since we’ve changed out the curtains.  I held Lacy last night and asked her how she liked her new curtains.

“Good,” she said, “They just keep the giraffe away.”

Giraffe = draft.

Oh, the things they hear.

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