What, Again?

At the end of every day when our family gathers around the dinner table, I ask everyone what their favorite part of the day was.
“Morning school,” my daughter said.
“Doing da apples,” my son said.

(best apple picking partner EVER)
“Coming home,” my husband said.
We were all chowing down on the dinner my husband had made. I marinated the steak meat on Thursday, he grilled it on Friday. He picked the first batch of corn from our little garden (we planted late), and BOY was it amazing! We opened a few cans of green beans and BAM!
Best dinner ever!
“What was your favorite, mom?” my daughter asked. I didn’t know how to reply.
“Getting the mail,” I started, “I had my first REAL letters from Ju from Tanjay.”

“And I had a little package from Tia with a homemade necklace…”

“…and the most hilariously awful children’s book I’ve ever read.”

I’m so grateful for friends who send me things like awful children’s books. Parked in the Post Office parking lot, I read that little book and laughed so hard I cried. If that isn’t one of the greatest gifts you can give to someone else, I don’t know what is.
I don’t want to spoil the ending, but here it is.

And here’s something: the ending has nothing to do with the beginning of the book. or the middle of the book.
Also: my nails were painted by my son while we watched Rocky II. I should also mention that Baby Girl was kicking me so hard during that flick that I nearly cried. Strongest baby ever.
Anyway, going back…
“I also loved picking apples with Trenton.”

“And getting a late surprise birthday card from Lacy.”

“And I loved when Beki brought by 7-layer dip and chips, and I loved visiting with Steven this afternoon and enjoying the present he gave me.”

This morning, I ate THE MOST delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs, green apples, and toast topped with homemade crab apple jelly, given to me by a dear friend, and I’m just overcome.
I’m overcome at how giving everyone can be… my daughter who made a birthday card in a panic when she realized a week later that she’d forgotten to make me one on my birthday (I didn’t remind her at all… she just came bursting into the bathroom in the middle of the bath, horrified that she’d forgotten).
My husband who came home from a day of work to do half of the dishes, take out the trash, and crank out the best dinner ever.
My son who so willingly lended an apple-picking hand and who spends most of his day trying to make everyone around him laugh.
My friends, who, when I try to help them always turn the tables. And I find myself entering their houses fully determined to serve and leave having been served. Mind boggling.
My sister, who took time to write me a letter that came a full month after she wrote it, but AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME. It sent me into tears, reading what she had to say.
My brother, for being who he is and always seeming to know what the perfect gift is. “He’s always good for a laugh.”
My Tia, for being the best gall darn person on the face of the earth. I’m seriously afraid she’ll die soon. People like her just don’t last for long here on earth. God wants them back too badly. What a great example she is to me!
My baby, for being strong in every way… so strong I can feel her in every way… so strong even my husband can feel her in every way. She’s inspiring us and motivating us to REALLY step it up before her grand arrival. Bucket, Mop, Broom? Baby says, clean up the room!
(Gosh, how many Disney quotes can I fit into one post?)
My life, for being so ripe with blessings, for being lived. I am lucky. How many girls get a rad birthday and then a birthday aftershock a week later?
And now I’m off to clean up the house and make some applesauce. Canning always makes me feel super human.


  1. Oh good crap, Beki’s 7-layer dip is amazing. I’m having severe envy right now.

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