Day Byoo

I took pictures at a reception. That makes me a photographer (hair flip). I should probably name my business.
How about O Snap Point N Shoot Mommy Blog “Photography”?
My cousin just had his reception in my grandma’s backyard. I like to call it The Eden of Joseph City.

Hmmm… Eden Photography?

I wish I was much much better at photography, and after I came home from the reception I hunkered down on my bed and combed through the pictures. I should have liked to weep with shame. Once I lost the natural lighting, I could not get the pictures to turn out right. But I did figure out that if I cropped some of the pictures way down and cut all the people out except one… they didn’t look half bad.
Check this out… aren’t my cousins beautiful? Isn’t my Granny pretty? And isn’t my husband scary? Look at the bad influence he’s having on my cousin, Justin:

Sugar and Spice Meets Thug Life Photography?
Here’s my girl and my niece, who I want to take a bite out of every time I see her:

My niece looks like my oldest brother when he was a little guy. He’s not a little guy anymore, but he HAS a little guy:

You can’t tell from this picture, but my brother is one good looking man. My aunt Lelia and I discussed it at length over pulled pork.

I took that picture of my cousin’s pulled pork. He was holding it with two hands, but I asked him to please put one down… his thumbs were getting in the way.
“Are my thumbs not good enough for you?” He joked.
“They’re just… fat.” I joked back.
Hey! Fat Thumb Photography!
I think we have a winner!

I wish I could have snapped more pictures of the Bride y Groom. Like I said: I’m ripping my hair out with shame, shame, shame.

I was just testing out a new setting on my camera when I captured that gem (Test Test Photography?)… see Aunt Lelia? She Aunt Lelia with the groom? See the bride pop up in the background and pull off a simultaneous nose pick on her new husband AND a silly face?
She will do great things, folks.
You can tell by her shoes.

True story: the only pictures we got of our Joseph City Reception were the ones my best friend Tia took, and they are SO precious to us! They aren’t professional, but they’re all we have and we love them.
My pictures are not professional. They’re not awesome and amazing and supa cool, but ANY pictures are better than no pictures -this I know for certain.
But I bet they still wish the person taking pictures wasn’t going around, pointing a camera in their face and asking them to say, “The first year is the haaaaardesstttt!” instead of “Cheese”:

Whoops Photography.

Arm Flab Photography?
Random Cousin in the Background Photography?
The possibilities are endless…


  1. Dorothy M. Wolf says:

    You took beautiful pictures. Wow! I hate that I missed this reception! It looks so beautiful (Aunt to Jonathan Strong)

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