Which One? Which One?

I’ve kept really busy with family lately, and I can’t pick just ONE happening to share. There’s too many.
There’s the day we played a little game called “Food Is Love.” I made it up myself and it is made up of cooking with my kids.
The girl made beingets for breakfast.

The boy helped me make dinner, which they kids both didn’t eat. We set the timer for ten minutes and told them if they didn’t finish their food before the timer went off, they wouldn’t get to eat an Oatmeal Cream Pie.
Well, the timer went off.
They both lost it.

Because those tears can really do something to a person, we gave them a two minute grace period in the which my daughter ate every bite… or so we thought. Half way through her polishing off her Oatmeal Cream Pie, we found corn all over the floor under her chair. She threw it under there.
So we asked her to please cease fire on her cream pie and take care of her corn.

Poor pirate. She really needs to stop throwing her food on the floor. And in case you were worried, we had JUST vacuumed. The floor was clean.
We have taken naps together:

Made music together:

Cleaned up old pioneer forts together:

Took Dad to the allergy doc to test him for all manner of allergies. Turns out he does have ALL manner of allergies. The nurses and doctors were all a-gawk.

We stayed too long at a friend’s house, and the kids conked out:

Jake, again: we are SO sorry. We owe you a case of Red Bulls, or something.
And we also turned 20 weeks:

Hello, Muffin Top.
Also: that is my natural hair… as in: that’s how it dries after I wash it. It’s so bloody indecisive. Am I curly? Am I straight? Am I a pain in the pah-tootie?
Whatever it is, it is getting whipped into shape in a few weeks for my big #27 birthday and I CAN NOT WAIT!
Speaking of things we can not wait for:
THE ultrasound is tomorrow at 9:20 in the morning. Captain America will reveal to us something we’ve been waiting 20 weeks for!
Is Captain America a sweet little girl with a killer left hook?
Or a strong, healthy little boy with a fancy for bladder bouncing? We will find out in due time.
YOU, however, will have to wait because I’m taking a weekend break from blogging. It’s our last weekend together before my sweet girl starts school.
I bought her two shirts the other day.
“Are you excited to wear your shirts to school?” I asked.
“So kids can say that I look cool or that I look dumb?” She asked.
“Who told you THAT?!”
“I don’t know,” she sighed and cradled her chin in her hands, her elbows on her knees, “Just a bully I think. I really hope there’s no bullies in kindergarten.”
Oh sweetness of all good sugar and spice, my DAUGHTER! I love that girl so much. I love her ever more when she’s covered in powdered sugar:

We meant to take two powdered-sugar covered beingets to the girl’s best friend, but the best friend wasn’t home. We brought the treats home, and my son stared and them. And stared at them, and stared at them…
“Mom, can I eat these?” He asked, fairly drooling.
“No, don’t eat those. They are for Hailee.” I said.
And then I went to the bathroom.
When I came out, the treats had been LICKED clean… no more powdered sugar on top.
“SON!” I said, “Did you do this?”
“I didn’t EAT them, Mom. I didn’t!” He proudly defended himself.
Well, that kids knows how to get what he wants. He got to eat BOTH of those treats. No one really wanted them.

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