Top Guns

I’m not a huge reality TV fan. I prefer TV that isn’t real because that’s why I watch TV -to escape reality. But there is a few exceptions.
Top Shot is one of those exceptions.

My husband and I both enjoy watching it, but the BOY more than enjoys it. He has a thing with guns.
“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked him last month.
“A cowboy,” he said.
“So you can have a big gun?” I asked.
“I awweady have big guns.” He quipped back.
Good point. You have a bin full of guns.
And it was really cute to watch him curl up next to his Dad as they had shooting challenges and slowly eliminated the team members. As we watched, my son would disappear into his room and come out with more and more of his toy guns. He was shooting whatever “guitargets” he could find (who wants to correct that, huh? No, son. It’s isn’t guitargets. It’s just targets. No way am I fixing THAT adorableness) which included the deep freeze, and, when he was practicing his fine archery skils, the bench by the door where we keep our shoes.

“Oh, he’s a dead eye, ain’t he?” (name that quote!)
He mimicked every stunt Top Shot had to offer, and THEN the contestants started throwing tomahawks.
Q: Where can a three year old find tomahawks in the bliss of his domestic home?
A: The silverware drawer.
The next thing I knew, he had emptied my fork and spoon supply and was pitching them at a 5-gallon paint bucket. It was just about the cutest thing I’d ever seen, so I took down a decorative board I have on my piano, used duct tape to put a guitarget in the middle of it and I let him go to it.

My daughter couldn’t stand being left out, and Dad and Mom were giving so much attention to the Top Guns Boy (he calls the show “Top Guns”) that she ditched her lowly Polly Pockets to join the game.
Being the lady that she is, she cleaned things up a bit -organized, so to speak. She dressed in red so they could be just like the show: a red team and a blue team.

She put up benches (one for the red team, one for the blue team -just like in the show):

The weapons were organized:

And then she went and found a RED team (cast of characters: Elmo, a Red Flannel Horse from Grandpa, and a red Angry Bird). Everyone was given a chance to throw:

Not to be outdone, the boy organized a team of his own:

Incidentally, none of this team actually got to play. Why would they, when they had someone as awesome as him?


  1. you need to share this with the history channel

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