Dates Night

Because I was feeling awful the Friday night we were supposed to have our garden date, we put it off for a week. We only have $20 in our babysitting budget, so instead of hiring out a sitter to stay inside with the kids while we worked out in the garden, we opted for a different game.
I told the kids they got to go on a date while mom and dad worked in the garden.
“You can pop your own popcorn, share a soda, eat some brownies, jump on the couch, and watch a movie!” I told them. They were thrilled, and they didn’t bother us ONCE while we were outside together.

We enjoyed having a hour together to talk about our Gardens of the Past.
“Remember the first time we had a few plants and you took a picture of our first tomato?” I asked.
“Remember when we tilled our garden up without looking at the slope of the land and ended up flooding the area?” he asked. I do remember that. Yes I do. Because I was home alone and pregnant and my dang flip flop got stuck in the mud while I shoveled muck and tried to save our rows.
I failed.
This year’s garden is nothing to shout about. Due to pregnancy and morning sickness, I haven’t been helping. Gardens are much harder when you don’t have help. It’s all right though. We’ll keep it.

We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset to the west and an incoming storm on the north:

And we even took a picture even though we were covered in dirt and the wind was whipping around us.

This week’s date? A lonnnnng walk.
We’re both surprisingly excited about this.

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