I didn’t tell you that when I came back from the hospital with The Patient in tow, my house was cleaned. That is to say: the babysitter had cleaned my house without being asked. The day before going to the hospital, I was sick all dang day. The house wasn’t filthy, mind you… but a few day’s clutter and dishes had given the kitchen a not-so-pleasant smell. To come home to a clean house and worn out kids was heavenly. I paid her for the sitting AND the cleaning.
And then, like magic, my morning sickness melted away.
Since that day, I’ve felt like Ye Old Self Mostly. Maybe it was Anthony. Maybe he really is an angel of Renaissance proportions… not only does he fix cars, but he fixes morning sickness and inspires babysitters to clean houses. Or maybe all it took for me to pull out of morning sickness was a day away.
But I’m pretty sure it was Angel Anthony.

In any case, I spent the few days after my husband’s surgery sleeping and keeping the house up. Today, as you know, is Monday. Monday I usually clean all day. As you also know, I haven’t been able to clean all day lately, so today with Ye Old Self Mostly in tow I decided to test out my endurance skills.
Guuuueessss what?
My house is clean. CLEAN. And I CLEANED IT! I feel exactly like Jane (of Dick and Jane, The Robbers) when she plops dinner on the table and pronounces, “Look at that! I did it! I did it and it’s perfect!”
And then within the month she becomes a criminal.

That’s beside the point.
I just want to tell you that there’s a great feeling that goes along with a clean house when the windows and door are open, letting in the smell of freshly fallen rain. There’s light thunder in the background, barely discernible over Norah Jones comin’ through my media player. Better and better? There’s homemade vanilla wafers just waiting to be baked.
The kids are snuggled up together on the top bunk, streaming Netflix from my phone and listening to the rain outside their open window.
“You okay wiff dat funder, Mom?” The Boy asks… he’s concerned. Thunder can be terrifying, you know.
And with that, I’ll leave you. I have a date with my porch, a scraggly, aged blanket, poetry, and herbal tea. The only thing missing is my brother, Steve.

I know we haven’t properly executed FrostWalk yet, but I could sure do with a FrostPlop… right now. on my porch.
Love you man.


  1. Marianne says:

    So happy you are feeling more chipper!

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