For the past three days, The Patient and I have been streaming “Cheers” episodes.

I forgot how funny that show is. I used to watch it when I was a little girl. Watching it got my husband and I talking about the old shows we used to watch as kids.
Saturday morning cartoons topped our list. They used to be so great, didn’t they? What happened? Computers? Technology? All I know is I don’t much like the cartoons that are out now, grand exception given to Phineas and Ferb.

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And you can’t mention Saturday Morning Cartoons without bringing up TGIF.

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Isn’t it romantic to think that we were watching the SAME SHOWS at the SAME TIME without even knowing it (along with millions of others)? And isn’t it also romantic that he was 10 and I was 5? Ha, that’s just weird.
I asked him if he had any shows they watched as a family… he said he couldn’t think of any. But BOY did I have a list!

Wheel of Fortune!



Quantum Leap!

There was always a nice stream of “MASH” episodes and “Bonanza” episodes coming through our tube as well. I do have to say that the thing our family did most together was work, work, work… when it came time to play, play, play we were generally too tired to fuss with it. But sitting together and passing around the popcorn? THAT we could do. And THAT’S exactly what we did.

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