14 Weeks

Breaking news: I didn’t get sick even ONCE yesterday and what’s more: I even had energy. I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for my morning sickness to fade away. With the boy’s pregnancy it never did and all I could do was hope that this pregnancy would be different.
When I first found out I was pregnant, I felt fine. I was tired and I Was hungry, but I wasn’t sick. Then again: I was only 4 weeks. I waited very patiently for my morning sickness to set in. It almost felt like it wouldn’t. Every day I felt fine.
I had started to feel the same way about BEING sick. It almost felt like I would never NOT be sick. And then one day the morning sickness just left.

I’m still hungry. I’m not as tired. I’m still dreaming weird-o dreams (last night I rescued a baby that was crawling across the Interstate and then I found myself sailing through the air with a gaggle of companions and a big red car, so I did what any hero would do: I used the super-human power in my legs to push the red car back down to the Interstate and watched contentedly as my companions, one by one, landed safely inside. I then hopped on a motorcycle and started singing, “Whatever Makes You Feel like Rock Star”).

I’m getting bigger. The baby is still moving. And for now at least… all is right with the world.

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