I Ain’t a Cat

Last night alone, my kids had my mind spinning trying to answer questions.
“Mom, why do we fight?” my son asked (referring to himself and his sister).
“Sometimes when we live with someone, we start to bother each other. So we’re all trying to learn to get along with each other. We have to try hard to love and learn…” my mind was searching for the right words.
“Mom, what’s this?” my daughter interrupted, pointing to her casserole.
“It’s a spice,” I said, not wanting to admit to her that it was a green pepper (something she HATES).
“What are SPICES, Mom?”
“Uh, spices are things that grow in the earth and we can use them to make our food taste better. Sometimes we use them to heal our bodies…” At this point, I realize she’s not listening at all.
Later that night, my husband and I had to field questions like:
“What is gravity?”
“What does it feel like to be shocked?”

Uh, uh, uhuhuh…

I always wanted curious children. I just didn’t expect the curiosity to come all in one big, fat dump truck load of “whys” and “whats.”

This clip is probably my favorite in the entire movie. Most of my favorite quotes are found here in.
“I ain’t a Cat.”
“You sing like a goat.”
“My Pap said I can’t talk to you enn ee mo’.”
“It’s only for the best.” ~Kathleen Hamilton

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