Two Mules for Sister Sara

I once watched a western on television with my Dad. We happened upon it in the middle of the flick, but my Dad recognized it right away.
“Two Mules for Sister Sara,” he said, and contently rested the ol’ clicker on the arm of his big leather recliner. We watched it together, and even as a little kid it had me laughing. I guess I sort of forgot about it until one day in college. I was hit with my first round of homesickness, and I drove myself to Wal-Mart to wander through the movies in hopes of finding an old Western to remind me of home. I found a DVD of ¬†about 10 Bonanza episodes, so I tucked that under my arm. And then I saw it.

I immediately tucked it under my arm as well and headed for check out. Once home, I gobbled snacks (what? Food CAN BE love) and relished my old Clint Eastwood Western. Going through Netflix the other day, I noticed it was available to watch instantly.

Don’t mind the language… it isn’t bad if it comes out of a nun’s mouth, right?

I’m only posting today to say one thing: you should watch this movie.
On and another thing: my husband left a dead mouse on my kitchen floor. I know I shouldn’t have told you, but just had to get it out. Please pray for me to have the strength, YEA the courage to remove it.


  1. I love your blog! So many good stories. Two Mules for Sister Sara is a great movie. I am a lover of old movies though so I am not too difficult to please!

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