Getting In Over My Head

I have to start this post off by making you turn green with envy: I just slept for nine hours straight… and my kids are both still sleeping. I don’t know how it happened exactly since I don’t remember falling asleep. I guess I crashed somewhere around midnight, and I woke up just after 9 am wearing the clothes I wore yesterday. I will admit that I wore myself out emotionally yesterday. I have to add “emotionally” after “wore myself out” because I sat on the couch all day and there was no chance of physically wearing myself out.
Here’s the deal: I was sewing, and I have been sewing since Friday. I took a break on Sunday (ressssst) and was forced to take a “break” Monday so I could go into the city for two doctor appointments and one fat shopping trip that ended up costing me so much money I should have liked to land on my own harpoon.
Luckily for my family, I don’t have a harpoon and am still kicking around to make them meals and stuff.
Last week, my husband worked an insane amount of hours -so much that he was able to take Friday off and I burst into tears because I knew I would have to spend the day “wehind” my sewing machine (have I ever told you that my son pronounces the “be” syllable as “we”. It gives us lots of glee wecause it’s so cute). And, according to the custom of the Pregnants, I cried against his PJ shirt.
I hadn’t seen him ALL week, and I finally had him ALL to myself and for what? It was my own fault. I’d given my word to have some sewing projects completed, and I’d tried and tried to complete them, and now that my husband was home he promised to take care of the kids and house while I stitched, stitched, stitched.
Despite his best efforts, the house sorta did crumble. It’s not his fault. He did the best he could, and after all: it was his day OFF.
Saturday was more sewing, but I ran out of bias tape. I loaded the kids and husband in the car, and we drove 30 minutes to the nearest Wal-Mart. Unbeknownst to me, they are in the middle of redoing their craft department and had NO bais tape. At all.
I shrugged. My husband muttered something under his breath. I was overcome with sudden, intense nausea and my daughter tugged on my hand.
“Mom, mom, mommmmm,” she sang, dancing around and putting pressure on my side -the side that ached because the baby is sitting on a nerve.
And once again, according to the custom of the Pregnants, I cried. In the middle of Wal-Mart. My husband timidly asked if I had plans for dinner.
“I can’t think about food right now. I’m so sick,” I blubbered out.
“Okay, okay,” he gently said. He guided his little family over the the food section and bought everything so he could make dinner that night (his specialty: baked chicken, potatoes, and canned green beans).
Saturday night and Sunday day, our house continued to be neglected. I did my best to pick up here and there and wipe up this and that… but it was akin to shoveling snow in a snow storm.

Sunday night I was up in the middle of the night full of nausea and worry -I knew I would have to make a trip to the city alone, and I didn’t know how on earth I was going to do it. I finally resolved on calling my parents at 7 in the morning to ask for a last-minute favor in the form of some BODY to accompany me to help with my kids and keep me awake on the drive home.
At 6:30 am, my phone rang. It was Dear Ol’ Dad who had had the same worry himself and was nice enough to send my little brother with me. My little brother was supposed to help Dad all day Monday, so I know it was a big sacrifice on Dad’s part. But I could not have made the trip without my brother. The entire drive over, he quoted Napoleon Dynamite and Kid History, and he had me laughing so hard.
His favorite Kid History:

I quoted Debbie Downer to him, and we laughed some more.

Then we went to my doctor appointment where I was able to hear the baby’s strong, strong heartbeat.
We jumped quickly over to the boy’s heart appointment:

“Mom,” he asked after his EKG was done, “Why do I need all these gooey bandaids all over me?”
And then I made him say “gooey bandaids” over and over and over because it sounded so cute. It turns out that he has not one but TWO heart murmurs, but both are completely innocent (*whew*).
We got home much later than expected, but just in time for a birthday party which we left early to eat dinner at my grandma’s house. What a blessing that was! After a long day, it was nice to come back to a ready-made dinner… and to have it be Grandma’s beans, chips, and cheese? Holy Hallelujah.
Tuesday I woke up and started sewing again, only to find that my machine had decided to quit working. And then I ran out of thread.
I called Mommy who brought me more thread, and a small part of my sewing project that should have taken 30 minutes took me 2 hours. I should have been done with the project by 1 at the latest, and I finally finished it somewhere around 11 pm. I’ll leave the amount of tears I shed up to your imagination.
My house? I’ll leave that up to your imagination as well.

My Dad came over yesterday and saw the mess.  My kids had built a fort in the middle of the room, and when my Dad saw it he said, “Did you build a fort?”

“No Grandpa,” my daughter explained, “It’s a PIG PEN.”  I told him she hit the nail on the head.


As my husband did the dishes last night, I said “Oh tomorrow after I mail these projects off, I’m going to bake some cookies and some bread…”
“It might be a good idea to get the house in order first.”
He also softly asked me to please not get the kitchen TOO dirty, which made me mad (custom of the Pregnants) because how many times have I CLEANED that kitchen only to have to clean and clean and clean? How many times have I CLEANED my house? How many times?!?!
I told him so, and then I told him that I’d do what I thought was most important the next day.
Personally, I think baking IS more important. We have guests coming this weekend, and I know from personal experience that cleaning my rear (which incidentally has pain shooting through it, thanks Baby Bundle) off today will make no difference come the weekend. BUT it will be nice to have food in the freezer when the guests arrive. I’ll clean today, sure.
But “get the house in order” completely? I know it shan’t be done. It SHALL be done on Friday. Today is laundry and baking which sounds like a big, warm hug in comparison to my broken sewing machine. It’s breaking is almost a blessing in disguise: if it didn’t break, I might get it into my head that I should sew something else… incidentally, when I ran out of the bias tape I needed, I decided to finish a dress I was making for my daughter. I had the bias tape for THAT, so I whipped it out while I waited for my husband to be ready to go to the store. The end result?

She’s not shy about how much she hates it. I had to wait until she stopped bawling her brains out wefore I could take the picture.
“It’s UGGGLLLYYYYY,” she cried. Oh, daughter.

So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I dropped and crashed like I did last night. My son happened to do the same thing… right in the middle of playing his Boy Game (Game Boy):

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