Kick Start

My husband asked me to run an errand yesterday. The “errand” would take me just over 2 hours driving time, round trip. I said, “sure, I don’t have anything going in the morning.”
I don’t know how it happens, but the days when I don’t have anything going actually seem to fill up like CRAZY the second I embark on a last minute project.
The errand itself, which should have taken all of 15 minutes took over an hour because someone misplaced paperwork. Have you ever entertained two small children in a waiting room for over an hour?
Yes, they were standing up and singing Primary songs complete with actions at full voice. It was better than the alternative: standing up and fighting over who was big and who was little in full voice.

In any case, none of us got lunch until 2 in the afternoon which did not bode well with my body OR the wee ones. After lunch, we rushed home (missing the chance to see my friend’s newborn baby girl) and made it JUST in time to teach piano lessons, in the middle of which I remembered I was supposed to have cookies baked for the church activity that night.
“Go ahead and play the first song,” I told the second of the three sisters I taught yesterday, “I’m just going to measure the shortening…”
According to the clock, I’d have the first batch baked JUST in time for me to make it to the church.
Of course I didn’t count on the first batch being burnt.
Which OF COURSE it was.
The second batch came out exactly two minutes after I should have been at the church.

All I can say is that it is a downright miracle that I made it to the church that night. If I’d have thrown in the towel, I wouldn’t have blamed me. I would have blamed the durrned paperwork loss on my monumental errand of the day.

But I DID make it. The activity that night got off to a late start, and I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours learning that I need to refocus my mothering method. Really, it was the perfect start to my summer -I plan to spend more time with my kids, and the night was all about teaching our children. I’m not doing as good of a job as I should. I need to improve -teaching my children is one area of my life that should absolutely take precedence over anything outside of my home. Last night, I got a BUNCH of ideas and I’m excited to start implementing them. This morning as I got out of bed, I walked past the kids’ room and was a little bummed that they weren’t up. Don’t they know they’re supposed to be up and excited about summer? Well, they WILL know!

I was able to take a couple of goodies home with me, one being a very small Family Fun Cookbook that the kids went bonkers over when I showed it to them. Today we’ll be making deviled eggs that look like boats which will be miles more fun than what went on right before bedtime last night.
Rag curls, readers, are akin to torture.


  1. errands with kids is always a party, isn’t it? ;)
    don’t feel bad about your late lunch… i lose track of time and find that we don’t eat until 1-2 most days.. go me!
    oh, beauty is such torture! does she at least forget all about the pain when she sees her pretty hair all done, like mine does?

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