Since my husband and kid have been home, life has been… in the words of dear Ms. Austen, a quick succession of busy nothings.
After the kids had been reunited for three whole hours, they were back to squabbling and I found myself parked in my car in Wal-Mart’s parking lot with my kids in the backseat, fighting over something. They’d been fighting in the car on the way to the store. They fought IN the store. They fought on the way back to the car. And there. Sitting in my parked car full of groceries, I yelled at my kids about how we don’t TREAT EACH OTHER LIKE THIS!
And then I drove home guilt-filled for yelling while trying to get a point across about treating each other nice.

While at the store, I bought the store brand (bagged) of Fruit Loops. This is significant because we haven’t had cold cereal in this house in ages. With rising prices, cold cereal just didn’t fit on our grocery list. I used to put it in my cart only to put it back later because my budget ran out and I still needed things like milk and eggs. But when I’d ordered my Bountiful Basket, I’d ordered the granola. It isn’t the best snack, but it makes for amazing breakfast cereal. We’d polished it off in a matter of days! It turns out having a cold cereal around makes life for a pregnant mother easier. So I bought Fruit Loops, and I ate them. and ate them, and ate them, and ate them. I bought them on Saturday and by Monday night they were GONE.  I had help, mind you, but I feel mostly responsible.

In addition to my mad Fruit Loop eating, I also spent the weekend eating mostly processed food. Now: I don’t usually eat processed food every day, but I was so sick and tired this weekend that we ate Hamburger Helper. And we ate Mac n’ Cheese, and we ate Fruit Loops. And at the end of the weekend, I felt downright rotten. Because it’s not good for our bodies, yes of course… but also because my Captain America hates processed food. I eat the Mac n’ Cheese because I’m hungry but the baby takes the flavor out of it. It tastes like cardboard. I pulled out of my slump yesterday. Oatmeal and raisins for breakfast, two tuna sandwiches on whole wheat for lunch, and… using what was left of my Bountiful Basket, I made a tomato pie and cauliflower pancakes for dinner. The tomato pie had a homemade wheat crust, and I ate that dinner like there was no tomorrow. It was delicious. I wish I had the energy to cook meals like that every day. As it is, my kitchen is still begging for mercy. Just about the time I get it cleaned up, it will be time for dinner again.

“What are we going to do tonight, Brain?”
“The same thing we do every night, Pinky. [Dishes and Laundry].”

I don’t mind. It’s just… boring.

My husband has kept himself so busy that even though he’s home and I’m home, we hardly see each other. He stayed up until well past dark last night planting herbs and flowers for me. I stayed inside and made him the cinnamon rolls I promised him, um, two weeks ago.

My biggest accomplishment since last blogging is simply this: I went ALL day yesterday without one sip of Sprite -my first “clean” day since morning sickness began. In other news, the minute I publish this post, I’m going to be cracking a can open.

In cute news:
On Sunday, my son was taught a lesson on his eyes. His outstanding teacher sent him home with a paper that said, “I am grateful for my eyes” and she had written the same words in braille above. My son came home bursting to tell me the story about how Jesus made that blind guy see again.
“He put mud on hees eyes, then water on hees eyes then…” his voice built up in anticipation, “He could see ALL the RAINBOWS!”

She also made the kids binoculars which my son calls “wee-nocleurs” and no one wants to correct him because it’s darling. We even made up a song for him to sing so we could hear him say it over and over.
“You are amazing with your wee-wee-wee nocleurs.”
And then we make him say, “There’s oil under this studio, see… we’re gonna tear it to the ground, see… sweet, sweet oil, see!” because hearing Trent quote The Muppets is the best thing in the whole wide world.
Maybe life will pick up soon, but I hope not. A lull in life is a great treasure, and I’ve got a half-eaten box of Otter Pops to prove it.


  1. That made my day!!! I’ve been planning on making homemade granola soon. You guys could come over for a play date and we could make a bigger batch. Ü

    • storylady says:

      I have a great recipe! It’s just cheaper to buy the bountiful baskets granola than make my own… and healthier since my recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk, haha. But that would be fun! I should get to feeling better in a few weeks, and we’ll plan it!

  2. Yep, I pretty much would never correct Trent’s speech for the rest of his life.

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