We took a few rolls of film in to be developed last week.  It took EIGHT days to get them back.  EIGHT.  I couldn’t believe it.  Not that I’m complaining… not at all.  I’m just realizing how easy I have it now.  I snap a picture, see it instantly, upload it, and post it if my arm fat isn’t too obvious.

As we opened up the packages from yesterday, we were like little kids with a new toy.  We huddled together in the middle of an aisle in Wal-Mart and gawked.

“Oh my gosh, it’s our first Thanksgiving!”
“My first pie!”
“Your sister’s first pie! Oh my GAWSH look how little she is!”
“Our first time seeing the Temple lights together!” (It’s all about firsts in that first year.)
“Look at the girls in your family!”
Then the pictures were of the day my brother got home from his mission.
My husband couldn’t be there, so the picture we came upon first didn’t look familiar to him. I don’t know why. By this time, he should EXPECT things like this from my family.
I also happened to snatch the stack of pictures out of my husband’s hands at this point.
“Oh…. aw…..”

Remember the picture I posted a week or so ago… the one with ALL of us after we’d taken a ride on The Polar Express? Well, here’s what we used to look like:
One sibling here, one there… one on a mission, two married, no grandkids… We’ve come a long way. But I guess I didn’t realize HOW far we’d come until I flipped to this picture.
He turned 15 three days ago.

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