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You knew, didn’t you. You knew the SECOND I wrote in yesterday’s post how easy this pregnancy was being on me that I’d get whacked with a horrible bout of The Pregnants. Well, come what may and love it, right?
Despite feeling much better this go around than I did with either of my kiddos pregnancies, I’m still really tired. I still need 9 hours of sleep at night. I’m still lagging behind everyone else, my little engine chugging, “I can’t catch up, I can’t catch up, I can’t catch up…”
Nevertheless, there’s a silver lining to every cloud.

I’ve been able to enjoy quite a few movies. I did promise myself that if I ended up glued to my couch with nausea, I’d at least crochet while I watched movies. But when it comes right down to it, when you’re nauseated… you don’t WANT to do anything but wrap yourself up in someone else’s story in hopes that you’ll forget all about your stomach.
Wait, you DON’T do that?
I thought everyone did that.

It’s giving me a chance to delve shamelessly into my cheesy girl movies that I’m too embarrassed to watch with anyone but my daughter. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.
At the end of next month (I think) my husband is having surgery. His septum, dears, is deviated.
He’s really, really, really, really, nervous about the surgery and with good reason. With all his graces and charms, he’s not exactly one of those men who goes in for surgery, balks at the nurse who says, “You’ll need to stay down for at least a week” and walk outta the hospital straight back to their construction site.
My husband is more the sort to beg the nurse for a little more rest time before having to sit up, and whatever the recovery time is, my husband takes and then some. It’s just the way he’s built, so I don’t blame him for being nervous. I did, however, encourage him to start building a Netflix queue.
His queue will look nothing like mine. I’m going to share some of what I’ve been watching because I’m a movie NUT and I like to talk about things like this.
First off: Romantic Comedy with Dudley Moore.

Yes, the music is really, really 80’s. Yes, the plot is lacking in morals. Yes, I still recommend it. It’s sort of like “Farewell to Arms” except it’s modern, happy, funny, and everyone ends up happy in the end. Two writers who are obviously in love, but when one is available the other isn’t and so on and so forth. I loved it.

Now this next one is delicious. It’s “Sherlock.”

I just finished watching season 2 last night, and I have to say: I am 100% in LOVE with this show! First off, the “seasons” are each only three episodes long, so you don’t feel like you’re wasting too much time being addicted to it. Each episode is a fulfilling hour and a half long. Season 1 is on Netflix Instant Streaming right now. Season 2 is on Hurry through season one so you can watch season 2 before they take it off pbs.

This is my confession: I loved this movie. It’s cheesy and the acting is terrible and the plot line is predictable… and I still really liked it.

It’s a story about an incredibly beautiful girl who you want to hate, but the more you get to know her… you love her. I guess that’s what I liked most about it. It seems like if we all took the time to really understand each other, we’d all be a little nicer… especially if we were in high school. Everyone in high school can seem pretty cruel. Looking back I can now say, “Holy Hannah, that ‘mean’ girl actually came from a broken home and her parents each had ridiculously high expectations for her. No wonder she wasn’t exactly pleasant.”
Oh, gorsh. I’m getting off on an entirely different subject.
Moving on…
This is what I watched yesterday. It’s called “Come Next Spring.”

Yes, it’s an old one. It is in color though. It’s about a recovering alcoholic who returns home to reconcile with his family. Feminists would hate this movie. A few feminists reviewed this movie, and I wanted to ring the neck of their reviews. According to a few people, his wife never should have allowed him back. Forgiveness, it seems, is a lost art in our culture. Again, I need to move on.

This is always a classic with me. It’s also old, but it IS in color.

Peter O’toole has the most beautiful eyes imaginable. This flick is also bursting with wit. I can never watch it enough.
As far as what NOT to watch:

It’s the worst movie ever! If the scene where one of the men pours his cereal into a bowl and a MOUSE comes out with it doesn’t get you pulling your hair out, the rest of the movie certainly will. It’s one huge disaster after another… like the Three Stooges (black and white) but much longer and much, much, MUCH less funny. I was so bugged over the stupid movie that I couldn’t sleep that night. I would have just turned it off, believe me, but my kids were interested in it. Poor souls.

Today I’ll be burning up my queue a little more while I fold my laundry. My husband cleaned my laundry room and it is SPICK and SPAN. Incidentally, the rest of my house is wearing the laundry that used to be in the laundry room. So while the laundry room looks amazing, my living room looks like a laundry room. Follow?
We’ll definitely be ordering out tonight.


  1. We watched Geek Charming pretty recently too and I must agree with you. It was pretty good. :) We watched it with the intent of laughing the whole way through because we knew it would be ridiculous, but it turned out better than we thought.

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