In Honor Of {…} Giveaway

You don’t know it, but something amazing happened today. I passed the 5 week 6 day mark. This might seem odd to you, but to ME it is something a little great. I miscarried when I was 5 weeks and 6 days. That was five years ago, but I still remember it, and I was super happy to wake up this morning having officially PASSED that mark.

In honor of passing THE mark.
In honor of being able to get pregnant despite my doctor’s warning that I might never be able to after having my son.
In honor of my morning sickness that reassures and bludgeons me all at once.
In honor of artichokes.
In honor of the woman at church who asked me how much longer I had left as if I was 7 months pregnant (hi, I’m fat).
In honor of the cold I woke up with.
In honor of my filthy house.

Okay, now I’m just griping.

In honor of babies the world ’round! I offer you and yours the chance to get free goodies. Not from me, mind you. Though I DO enjoy making a good craft:

These goodies come to you straight from Delicate Designs by Darah.

You don’t have to actually HAVE a baby to enjoy these goods, man. She makes other non-baby goods as well. But really… who doesn’t enjoy a few good baby pictures?

Maybe it’s just cuz looking at baby pictures makes this morning sickness seem like it has a point.

Aren’t these hats adorable?!

I want to reach through my computer screen and SMELL these babies. I can smell everything, and truuust me: right now, new baby smell would be a welcome relief to what I’m smelling right now… which is The Weekend. Cleaning up The Weekend on Mondays never has smelled all that wonderful.
But I’m griping again… back on track now:

PUMPKIN! My little sister was a pumpkin for her first Halloween. Mom just attached a fabric pumpkin top to her head (she was like 3 months old)… forever sealing her nickname, “Pumpkin Head.” What we wouldn’t have given for our little red-headed sister to have a hat like that. She’s 21 now. Do you think she’d still wear it?

GNOME baby!
Ahhh, the list goes on! Aren’t these hats to DIE for? Like I said, you don’t need to have a baby for this giveaway to work for you. Aside from her non-baby items to choose from, I KNOW that you KNOW someone who would LOVE one of these free goodies! Whether it’s a friend with a baby, a new grandmother who would LOVE to be given a sweet little hat to gift her new grand kiddy (I can’t wait to be a grandma), a photographer friend who takes pictures of babies and would love a new prop…
The point is: you need to enter regardless.
PEOPLE need these sweet handmade goodies!

All you gotta do (and I’m not asking much because, after all, you’re getting something for FREE) is click on over to her etsy shop (if you haven’t already) find your favorite item, and then leave me a comment telling me what it is. My favorite item?
This little number.

If you want to be entered more than once, post the giveaway on your facebook page and (now this is important) leave me a comment letting me know you did.

If you “like” my blog on facebook, let me know and that’s another entry. If you don’t “like” it, go forth and do so that you may obtain the prize.

One free item of your choosing from Darah’s etsy shop!
If you’d rather pay than play, simply head over to her site and fill your shopping cart up and use this super-duper secret promo code for 20% off from now until Mother’s day: MOM20
(The promo code can be entered at checkout)

You can enter the giveaway anytime between NOW and Friday night at midnight!
Good luck, readers. You’re all winners in my book (that’s something moms have to say. I’m a mom; therefore, I say).


  1. I love the chunky ones with the giant flowers!! They are all so cute though!!! Darah is very talented!!

  2. Also, I do like your blog on facebook!! ;)

  3. Guess what?! I shared it too!!! Yay for me!!

  4. The owl hat – SOOO cute.

  5. Oh, and I already “like” you. :)

  6. Now commencing to “share” the giveaway.

  7. Oh my heck I LOVE the “Little Lady Scarf”!!!

    Congratulations on getting past 5 weeks and 6 days! :)

  8. I like the Baby Bear beanie! So cute!

  9. I shared the giveaway on Facebook!

  10. I “like” you on Facebook. I always have and always will…lol. But I like you in real life, too!

  11. I love both of the baby girl chunky beanies with the Giant flower!!! I think it would be a great addition to my new baby girl come July! Oh and Congrats Alicia, I am so excited for you!!

  12. Marianne says:

    Wow! I love this stuff. I am desperate for a baby girl after 3 baby boys (still adorable but I miss flowers), so my favorite is the Baby Girl Beanie with Giant Flower. Crossing my fingers!

  13. Karen Bell says:

    I just love the Baby AVIATOR pilot bomber beanie! Little boys can get dressed up too :)

    I also liked your blog on facebook.

  14. I love all of them but I’m very fond of the owl hat

  15. Julianne Koozer says:

    I love te Brittany hat. Or the pumpkin…. Ahhh I just can’t decide!
    And once I figure out how to like your blog and share this giveaway I’ll definitely let you know!

  16. Congrats on passing
    THE mark! Very cute babies and hats!

  17. Ashley C says:

    I’m totally in love with the baby girl beanie with giant flower.


  18. I like the camo hat!

  19. I’ve also liked your page…

  20. Oh, gracious! Look at all of those sweet baby hats! How does one decide?! Do I love this one or this one or this one? Hmmm, I don’t know, but I do know my newest baby will need something to keep his/her head warm. Maybe the gnome one. That’s just cute.

  21. I also liked your fb page…

    And posted about the giveaway!

    p.s. I think your awesome. (The giveaway has nothing to do with that. ;)

  22. I love the fan fare crochet team beanie! It would be perfect for my little one :)

  23. Kaylee Pugh says:

    I like the chunky one with the flower! :) And I like you on Facebook and I will go share this now!


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