I went to my husband’s work yesterday without calling first. I would have called, see, but my phone QUIT working. Naturally, I drove straight to my husband, interrupted his lunch, and begged him to take a look at my phone. And he fixed it in about 2 minutes. It used to be his phone, so he understands things about it I just don’t… like how to get the flingin’ flangin’ back cover off to take the battery out. Sheesh.
As I was driving home, I thought about the $5 in my pocket. I thought about the artichokes in the grocery store I was about to pass.
I told myself I didn’t NEED them. I could save the $5.
Yes, I told myself resolutely, I could save. I didn’t NEED to spend a $5 on artichokes.
I passed the grocery store. The $5 was still in my pocket. It wasn’t spent on artichokes.

And just like that, I took a back road and high tailed it back to the grocery store. And, oh yeah, I need milk.
And, oh my GOSH would you look at the price of STRAWBERRIES?! It would be so fun to slather them in Nutella. HEY! If I buy Nutella the girl can make her own lunches from here ’til next payday!

Once home, and after one artichoke had been safely tucked away deep inside my stomach (have I ever told you how grateful I am that no one can watch me eat one of those? It’s repugnant)… the boy had fallen asleep and it was just the girls. I pulled the strawberries out, washed a few, cut the tops off and began slathering them in Nutella.
“Is that for us, Mom?” She asked, “Like for just the girls?”
“Yeah, I thought we could have some,” I said, “And I’m going to make some for Dad to have when he gets home.”
But she didn’t hear the last part. She had taken off in a hard run for the door. She came huffing back in with her little Cars table. With GREAT effort, she set it down next to the counter, and then she was off again… bolting out the door.
She brought a little Cars chair in. Then she brought a BIG chair over and sat it next to the table.
“Is that for us?” I asked, “For our snack?”
“Yeah!” She said brightly, looking up expectantly from her Cars chair.
I reached up to the HIGHEST part of our cupboards and brought down… crystal goblets. Her eyes lit up.
“For US?!”
“For us,” I said.
“It’s a PARTY, Mom!”
Party indeed.
She couldn’t get enough of the clinking.
It’s not REALLY party, you know, unless there’s clinking.

I don’t know if I’ve told you lately, but I LOVE having a daughter. I also love strawberries. And Nutella. And goblets. And dirty little lady faces.

May you always keep your goblets handy.

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