Babies, It’s Cold Outside

This morning, my daughter pounced on me in bed.
“It’s SNOWING!” she cried out, “Come see! Come see!” I hadn’t put my glasses on yet and was blind as a bat, but I could at least see sunlight streaming through my bedroom window. I seriously doubted that it was snowing, but I (eventually) got up anyway. My daughter was perched on her bed, holding her bedroom curtain open.
“SNOW MAMA!” She said. By this time, she had woken her little brother up and shared the glad tidings with him.
“..’NOW!” He echoed her. My daughter was beside herself, hopping and wiggling.
“I just needa get my shoes and pants and coat on to go outside!” She said.
“Yeah,” I said, “Go ahead and do that.” In the meantime, I wandered back into my bedroom to give my husband a good morning kissing and thank him for sharing his cold with me.
I hadn’t so much as kissed her father as she showed up in my bedroom.
One look at her and I couldn’t help but say “HONEY!” Instant fear was evident in her face. She thought that she was in trouble.
“Babe,” I called to my husband who had started to walk away, “Come see your daughter.” She prepped herself for a good talking to. I watched her shoulders fall and her gaze shift to the floor. He came around the corner and laughed.
Her shoulders perked back up.
Her eyes lit up as a grin spread across her face…

She was wearing the most ridiculously adorably outfit. Pink slipper boots with two poms poms attached to each, pink and white sweat pants, a brown shirt (inside out, of course), her red dress coat, and an old crochet hat I had made two years ago.
I was still in my PJs, I hadn’t expected her to get dressed so fast. She ran out of my bedroom and was outside before I could tell her to slow down. Her brother came in the room and asked me to zip up his coat. The minute I was through, he followed his sister outside. I hurried and changed to get outside with them as quickly as possible. Just as I swung open the front door to walk outside, my daughter was walking back inside.
“Come on,” she said to her brother, “Let’s go inside.”
“Wait, wait!” I was confused, “WHY do you want to go inside? You JUST got out here!”
“It’s TOO COLD, MAMA!” She said. I asked her to please take a few steps out onto the snow with her brother. Just long enough to…

Arizona kids don’t take to kindly to snow.
Hot cocoa, anyone?

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