Organ Lessons from Grandpa

Tonight for Family Home Evening, we took the kids over to grandma and grandpa’s house for an organ lesson.  My grandpa is a great organ player.  I’ve been wanting to get lessons from him for awhile now, but I’ve most always got a child attached to my hip!  My kiddos are old enough now to let me sit next to Grandpa and learn a little here and there.

Grandpa is a smart cowboy, and I love watching his thick callused fingers glide over the organ keys.

That’s a short clip of grandpa playing “Crying Time.” He said he’s played it for a couple funerals. After he finished “Crying Time,” he played “Waterloo” -another funeral favorite. I told him he made funerals sounds like not-so-bad an idea.

One of the great things about Grandpa is the way I can always count on him to be watching Lawrence Welk on Saturday evening. I like to stop in when I can and watch it with him. Aside from the costuming, the music is rather good.

Grandpa is wonderful. The two hour lesson felt like twenty minutes (probably not to those who had to listen to me try and figure out the pedals).

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