To Go Along With…

After publishing today’s post, I checked my email. My mother had just emailed me a quote that aligned perfectly with today’s post. I read it, wrote it out, and copied it onto my hacked up piano-turned-chalkboard.

“Another way to wake is to accept who we are, imperfect but unique. Once you realize that since the beginning of time there’s never been anyone like you, that the world will never again be touched by that very voice which is yours, by just these views, by this special tenderness, this particular insight, you will not want to spend your life following others. Look for the glimpse of your true self. Spend time alone: identity is found in silence and solitude. Risk fulfilling what you really are.”
~Reader’s Digest, Nov. 1977

Now. I’ve googled the crap out of this quote to find it’s original source -the full article it originally came from. I can not find it. My apologies.
Enjoy the quote anyway, won’t you?

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