School Girl

Last night, as we were getting ready to have Family Home Evening, my husband took me off guard by saying, “Grab your lap top.  Let’s see what it would take to get you your bachelor degree.”

Um, what?  I was thinking more along the lines of “let’s all sit in a circle and sing” NOT “let’s get the lap top and start changing your life.”
It is time. I know it is. I’m starting to feel the twinge of having only one “baby” home with me, and it’s time for me to finally do what I’ve been saying I’ll do for a few years now. The only obstacle standing in my way is finances and, well, brain power. My brain has been out of student mode for over 5 years now. Just looking at the curricula made me a little dizzy. It looks like I’ll have to take a few more courses from a community college before transferring to a University.
And yeah, I DO have an associate degree. But it’s in music. I don’t want a higher degree in music. I want a higher degree in Englishy things. So it’s sort of like going back to the drawing board.
And taking two Spanish classes and three literature courses (one world, one English, and one American).

I’m scared.

Also: I have no direction. It’s high time to call a counselor and figure out how to proceed and find out if there’s any scholarships out there for returning students who happen to be stay-at-home mothers.

If any of my awesome readers have any insights or advice, I’d love to hear them. I’m like a lost kitten. A dumb, dumb lost kitten.
If I don’t enroll in the near future, I’ll most certainly end up no better than a LOL cat.

Bad grammar, fat, and all.

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