After Taste

My daughter, the pirate.

When she put this outfit on this afternoon, my son cried out “pirate!” to which she replied, “I certainly am.”

We pulled her dress-up clothes out after we wrote some thank you notes. We’ve never written thank you notes for Christmas gifts before, and I felt like we should. She really has been enjoying every single gift 100%, and I thought it would be fun to sit down with her and write some notes. I would dictate to her.
“Write the letter T.” I would say.
“How is T?” She’d ask. After the first few cards, she had it figured out. After she’d written “Thank you” across the top, I’d write whatever she told me to. She would start out sweet… really sweet.
So sweet I’d nearly tear up over the wonderfulness of it all. Then she’d hit me with something else.

“Thank you for being you.” Aww…
“Tripe,” Ewww…

The backward “N” was too cute not to capture.
In her thank you note to my grandparents, she said “Thank you for being you. Thank you for F.”
I’m sure they’ll really take that to heart. I mean, really… who wouldn’t?

As I made dinner, I asked her what she wanted to do for her 4th birthday in a few weeks. She wants a square rainbow cake. I asked her who she wanted at her party.
“Everyone!” She cried out, “Just everyone at my party!”
She began naming off her cousins one by one. It was so adorable. She really wanted to share her birthday with everyone. I thought about how sweet it was for all of three seconds before she hit me with
“Just not you. I just want everyone to be at my party and you can leave.”

I might have cried my eyes out had I not been thrown into a fit of laughter.

I sent her away to watch a movie. This year, she asked Santa for a “DDD” player, and he delivered. Luckily, he had a spare one still in the box in his closet.
Santa also managed to finagle a small television set for her. Since Santa came to visit, our regular TV has been neglected. Dormant. (Dare I say it?) Replaced.

That’s right, our bigger, clearer, surround sound television and DVD player have been replaced with a teensy TV and teensy DDD player. We haven’t finished setting them up in the kids’ room yet, and I went into the living room to find this.

Look at them, bordering on Amish.
Lucky devils.

Notice I wasn’t invited…
So I left.

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