Quick Sneak Peek

Because I take Sundays off from blogging and crafting, I HAD to get this posted quickly tonight! I can’t wait until Monday!
We had a GREAT visit from my in-laws today, and after they left I pulled my sewing machine out and whipped out a baby doll sheer apron. My mother in law has a talent for making everyone around her feel like they’re absolutely amazing. While she was here, I showed her some of what I’ve been making for the boutique. Naturally, she made me feel like I could take on the world with some rick-rack and a leeeeetle elbow grease. I finished this apron late tonight and I hurried to snap a few pictures with my cell phone. So keep that in mind, por favor.
For your viewing pleasure, here is a less-than-perfectly-shot sneak peek of …
Baby Doll Jane

She was created JUST in time for Valentine’s Day and will only set you back $20.

I stitched a glam button on. Da-gling!

It’s generously sized (L-XL), bigger than other baby doll aprons I’ve made in the past.

In the coming week, I’ll be making quite a little stash of these sheer baby doll Janes -each one will be a little different. Some will be black, some will be pink, some will be white with glitter…
But for now I’ll sleep soundly knowing I’ve done my apron for the day.

Good. Night.

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