Smurf the Whole Day Long

Lacy used some of her birthday money to buy The Smurfs Movie, and the kids have loved it. They mentioned to Grandpa that they had it, and Grandpa got a wonderful, awful idea. He had his grandkids up for a Smurf party!
The kids were really excited.
We made smurf cookies for the occasion (we added blue food coloring to our chocolate chip cookie dough).

Then I whipped up some homemade face paints and, per the kids’ request, turned them into Smurfette and Clumsy Smurf, respectively.

The girl loved being Smurfette.

…for like 3 entire minutes.

Then she begged to be just a butterfly. Because I didn’t want Smurf tears all over my kitchen floor, I transformed Smurfette into a butterfly, and then all was right with the world.

I had the kids convinced that the cookies had essence of Smurf in them, and Lacy loved it.
“Time to get our Smurf on!” She kept saying.

Once up at Grandpa’s and Grandma’s, we were fed a fried chicken feast and then we watched our movie. I didn’t get any pictures because I was having too much fun.
It was the second best part of yesterday. The first best part?

We got a new nephew!!

***The MINUTE he woke up this morning, my son reached up to feel his face. The paint had worn off. “Hey!” He whined, “My Clumsy face is gone!”
This means I may be painting their faces blue again today, so if you see us out and about… please call him Clumsy. He insists.
And I’m now Painter Skater Mom. So cheer.

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