Oh, wo, oh Cavities… Stay the Heck Away From Me

I had my 6 month teeth cleaning yesterday. In general, it went pretty well, but that’s only because I’m counting MY VISIT alone and NOT the fact that my son peed his pants and then HID under the chairs in the lobby, and I’m also not counting the fact that my daughter has so many cavities that she had to get two big ones fixed and we have to go back TWICE.

am a terrible mother.

I don’t have any cavities, so that’s something.
And to my daughter’s credit, she did amazing. She sat in that big dentist chair and was ALL smiles. I didn’t get to be with her the entire time, and she didn’t mind one bit (because she’s brave. Not because she hates me. Right??). The dentist, Uncle Clarence, is really good with little kiddos. He explained what each tool was to her, and he spoke in terms that little Lace could understand.

She got the biggest kick out of the laughing gas mask because it made her look like a pig.
Drilling away:

She did so well, and I’m so proud of her. When she sat up in the chair, I put my camera phone in her face and said, “Smile BIG!” Her half-numbed face did it’s best…
Oh, that picture does me a WORLD of good.

I dropped her off at preschool, and the boy and I went home to share two mugs of hot cocoa with french vanilla smarshmallows.
I call them marshmallows.
Lacy calls them smooshmallows.
Trent took both words and created his own… smarshmallows.

By the way, the french vanilla smarshmallows are THE BEST. I wish they’d make them year-round!

Now, if you have Netflix streaming plan, I highly HIGHLY suggest you put aside all ideas about how boring documentaries are and take 40ish minutes of your day to watch
America: The Story of Us -episode 10

It will revolutionize your appreciation for today -December 7th -and our great-grandparents who worked a mighty miracle on behalf of our nation. I’m serious about this: go watch it.
It isn’t Pearl Harbor, but here’s a clip from the documentary on D-Day.

This clip does not do the documentary justice. It is absolutely inspiring. The entire 12 episode documentary is well worth anyone’s time, and it isn’t the least bit boring. You’ll be on the edge of you seat despite the fact that you know how it all ends.


  1. That picture of Lacy made me guffaw out loud. I’m totally all alone in my apartment, and I was still laughing. That’s my litmus test of hilarity, because I’m totally a social laugher. If I laugh alone, I know it’s truly hilarious.

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