Pay Off

Guess what?  My cleaning idea worked miracles.

My husband came home, we made chocolate and butterscotch chip cookies, balanced our checkbooks and per HIS idea trekked over to Wal-Mart to buy the original classic Rudolph and Frosty Christmas movies.  He is the sweetest father, really.  REALLY. He also insisted on buying the kids snow boots (thank goodness because it is STILL snowing) and buying me my very own copy of the classic animated “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” I’ll tell you honestly right now: I’ve never seen the rudolph OR frosty movie. But the grinch? I have it memorized. My dad used to come home from work when I was young and read Dr. Seuss to us. Maybe Dad’s the reason I spend pieces of my free time writing rhythmic, humorous poetry that makes me giggle. And for that, I say: THANK YOU, DAD!!!!!
Every girl should be so lucky.

I was busy wrangling kids when my husband stepped next to me in the Wal-Mart entertainment section and handed me my grinch movie.
“Merry Christmas,” he winked. And I smiled so big my eyes teared up a little. Is it ridiculous how THRILLED I am to own this movie? Why haven’t I bought it sooner? Heaven only knows.

The last thing my husband insisted on last night was a popcorn tin.

So the list of things I wanted… the movie and the cookies and the snuggling? I got it all. Yea, even more so: for I fell victim to a cold. While I was stretched out on the loveseat, hugging a blanket close to me, my husband disappeared for a minute and then reappeared with a second, heavier blanket.
“Want this?” He asked.
“Oh, no. I’m fine, I have a blanket.”
He just shook his head, threw the blanket over me and tucked me in. Three minutes into The Grinch, I was completely out.

This brought to mind a night when we were first dating. He had cooked dinner for me -I was totally impressed by his baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn until I realized it was about the ONLY thing he ever cooked and ate -and we were watching a golfing movie (The Legend of Bagger Vance). Halfway through the movie, he caught me shivering. Without a word, he got up and brought me a small blanket. I thanked him and was thoroughly embarrassed when the shivering DID NOT STOP. I was still cold.
I tried hard to hide it.
It did not work.
“You still cold?” He asked.
“No, I’m fine,” I replied, much like last night.
Without a word, he got up and brought me a heavier blanket.

He’s a mind reader of sorts.

He also found a hair in his popcorn last night. How gross is THAT?!

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