Craft Idears

Am I the only one who puts an “r” at the end of certain words… like idears? And Isabellar? I feign Britishness when I’m feeling fancy.

And yes, at 9 AM with my running sweats on, my hair all a wreck and my unwashed raccoon eyes, I feel mighty fancy.

Back to the point: I get t-shirt ideas all the time. It’s a sort of silent hobby of mine to dream up what shirts should say, but I never DO anything with it -see -because I make crappy shirts. I did once, you know. When we were first married, I took a plain white tee (not the band, a literal plain white tee) and some paint and made a shirt. And here’s what it said:
(Please ignore the double colon usage) (Please stop giggling because I said “double colon”)

This item belongs to:
Danny Deets
If found, please return to:
His Arms

I painted hearts all OVER it and then I wore it on Valentine’s Day. Danny Deets himself was not all that thrilled, but last year he pouted when I wore that same shirt while PAINTING our table and chairs.
“I thought it was special…” He protested. He’s like one of those children who swears they HATE IT when you hug them but who, in all reality, wouldn’t have it any other way.

I haven’t made a shirt in a looooonnnnngggg time, but I still get shirt ideas up the wazoo. I have a hankering to make a maternity shirt with two word bubbles, one coming down from the neck of the shirt that says “Marco!”
And the other coming from the protruding belly that says “Polo!”

Stupid? Yes. But I still giggle picturing it. Because the BABY is SWIMMING. Get it? Get it?!

I also dream of a maternity shirt with a vintage cowgirl on a bucking bronco printed across the belly with the words “This ain’t my first rodeo” written across the chest. Only second-time mothers could buy it, of course.

Anyway, I get these idears from time to time, but I don’t have the skills to do much with them (how I WISH I DID!). Thank goodness for my brother Steve, who brought the Team Edward Rochester shirt to life.
And thank goodness for Laurie, who put her own spin on it AND wore it to a Twilight marathon.

Demmed adorable.

Do you remember Steve’s?

Pinned Image

I love the both of them! It makes me want to be able to make t-shirts! For months now, I’ve wanted to have a t-shirt making date with my husband, but I don’t really know how to go about it.

As it turns out, I can’t bring about any of my ideas without help. I’m hopeless.
So… group date, anyone?


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