You can listen to this song while you read my post today. There’s a HUGE clarinet solo opening. The lyrics pay homage to it before coming out to play.

In any case, hello.

I have a phase I go through now and then. I turn into a sort of sponge that soaks up education, and I spend every spare minute (yea, even second) reading and learning and (apologies to those who happen to bump into me) sharing.

I get absolutely sloshed on Wikipedia.
About a month ago, I found an out-of-print book by Paul Harvey. It was $1 (maybe less?) at a yard sale. I bought it and gave it to Dad. I looked through it the other day, and I wrote down the names of three men he briefly discusses in a holiday article he titled “The ‘Other’ Three Wise Men.”
It was published on Christmas Eve in a Kentucky Newspaper. It’s title is different, but if you click
you can read it. You can also see the prices of candy bars in mid-70’s.

I look forward to curling up at night with my 12 episode documentary on US History. I’m only on episode 6. I still have WWWII to look forward to! If you know me, you know that WW2 (pronounced dubb-ul-yuh-dubb-ul-yuh 2) is my absolute favorite war.
My iPod is my constant companion in these phases. For music? Hardly. For podcasts? Most definitely. I feast on speeches, and yesterday I did almost every dish in my house (because almost every dish in my house was dirty) while I listened to a man quote Brigham Young for almost an hour.
Have you ever listened to Brigham Young quotes? LDS or not, you’d love it. Unless you hate common sense.

And I must say: my husband is right there with me (podcasts excepting).
Have we become one of “those” couples who gets giddy about hot chocolate, a blanket, and a good documentary? Well, no. We haven’t become.
We always have been; although, I prefer the historic type and he prefers the predator/prey type.
We can usually find common ground in the Egyptian area. Mummies, curses, buried gold…

Enjoy today, friend.
There’s definitely a reason to -whether it’s because there’s something good in store or simply because you’re NOT lying on a filthy gurney getting your severed arm completely amputated.
We just finished the Civil War episode…


  1. How precious to be able to savor hot chocolate, documentaries, and each other’s company. That is a gift as well as an encouragement to others.

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